This is self-satisfaction

The human condition is not going very well, because the epidemic is going on and the financial problems of the people in the vicinity are constantly increasing. The biggest problem is the food problem. And even with the fact that I'm eating well three times a day, it's a different kind of self-satisfaction for me. But I'm always thinking of others.
I don't really think of people upstairs that way but I always try to think of my peers and think of people who are a little less financially indigent than me but in this case I feel like I'm crippled. There is a different kind of complacency when there is food in front of me, but I want it to work among everyone and share everyone's food with each other.
Dear, today is a little different from other days because today was a holiday, my preparation was a little different, so when I woke up, when I saw this kind of food on the food plate, I felt a little better because it feels good to eat this kind of food, sometimes it is my selfishness. It was that I am alive in the midst of so much hardship that is why I am good.

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