Saturday morning moments

Anyway, today is completely different from other days for me because I am quite mentally prepared today. I will try to experience myself in a different way later on in the blog to explain it better and I will try today Just to share my morning moment with you.

This morning has started a little differently for me. Although it was a very good meal in the morning, my moment has become a little different because of the good news.Today my dearest wife has made me a fried meat and a vegetable of my choice. I like to eat it very much.
But there's another reason I'm happier, whatever I try to share on my next blog. I hope I have been under a lot of stress since morning. I'm trying to get over my emotional turmoil.Anyway I came to work before I talked to my colleagues and finally I got some relief from stress and I am going to work according to the decision. Anyway, wait, thank you all for hearing the good news of my next decision.

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