Beautiful Wednesday || Greeny nature view

It's been two days since I've moved home from the village, and the main reason is that I need a little mental relaxation. I have taken some time off from work and I have decided to stay away from all activities for a week and give myself some peace of mind in this rural environment .
I wake up late in the morning on purpose and after waking up when I am walking barefoot in the green grass, a different feeling is transmitted because such an environment is not found in urban areas. .And the frosty breeze of pure nature from the side made me feel more alive. I feel like I am feeling more spiritually in myself .
For now, I will stay in this house for the next seven days and try to blend in with nature. In the morning when I was walking with a coffee glass in my hand, I had a different feeling and the surrounding nature fascinated me. It was a beautiful morning there was and there was a light cloud floating in the blue sky, all in all there was an extraordinary beauty.
20210917_122559-01.jpegFor the time being, the impression of a few days of fatigue has disappeared from my face in an instant. And I'm feeling a lot better mentally now. Anyway, I wish my friends a good morning from a very rural environment and I wish everyone a good day .

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