The ease of using Ecency for claiming of tokens

If you are a new Hiver, you probably have not learned how to best claim tokens that you earned along the way.

Claiming tokens is important as you can put them to good use in the shortest time possible, reaping maximum benefits.

The Ecency app on the browesr offers a great way for us to do that with minimum clicks.

This is how.

First, you need to get to the wallet. On the right, you will see four sub-accounts: Ecency, Hive, Engine, and SPK.

Above you see that I have something to claim in Hive-Engine. 2 Tokens as Unclaimed Rewards to be specific.

Claiming the token is as easy as clicking the blue button!

That's it.

Once you have claimed it, you can also stake and delegate it from the Ecency site.

Ecency is fast becoming my favourite frontend!

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