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Greetings everyone and welcome to my post.

The world has been automated in he sense that everything these days can be gotten with just a click. Pressing a button could destroy a country and pressing a button could also repair a country.

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Humans have passed through many stages throughout existence and this stage is another phase in the history of humans which have made us digitalized and powerful. Everything could be accomplished with just a phone, that's how far technology has gotten us.

Apps are one important aspect in the era of technological development as it helps make things very much easier, faster, as well as it entertains us and help us meet new people. Through apps, we could order things only while sitting on our couch, we could sponsor anything of our choice and we could work from home, just as how hive have made it easier for us.

Before I go into answering the first question of this contest, I am a person who loves charity. Irrespective of how bad I can be, I don't play with helping others in any way I can and that's why I am a nurse. Nurses are great, but "with great power comes great responsibility."


If I were to create an app, I will create an app which will be used for affiliating the importance of charity and in that app, there will be a space for charitable donations.



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I have been opportuned to live in the northern and eastern part of Nigeria my country and well, from the things I have seen so far, I wouldn't want the nation to continue like that. There was a day I was walking through the streets of Jabi in Abuja Nigeria, the homeless people I saw there made me motivated to become great in life. Not that I am dodging from being like them, but because I want to help being out some of those persons from the streets, and impact my values and views about charity in them, so that they can carry on with it and still bring other persons from the streets and still impact that same value to them and so on.

On this note, charity is hard these days because of distance, and some other factor. However, making use of the importance of technology, donations could reach even the deepest forest through this app and many people will be happy and lead a good life filled with joy. Charity could be in any form, but financial charity backed up with teaching a new skill, could take a person to the farthest extent there is.


This app will go on its way to fund diverse charity organizations into moving and helping many unprivileged people out there.

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In my country, the rate of unemployment is as high as the sands of the beach, but with this app, both skills and financial charity could be rendered to many people out there, thus reducing the rate of corruption and joblessness, thereby increasing the rate of self employment and employment as a whole.

In conclusion, Charity could help uplift a nation, according to Darrman, "the kindness you out into the world, has a way of returning to you" and as such, putting a little kindness into this world, will help in its way to elevate the positivity in a persons heart, thereby reducing future negativities.

Thank you for reading through.

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