Greetings bosses and welcome to my post.

The world could be a cruel place to be in and it could also be a beautiful place as well as a stressful place. What the world is to you is dependent on the hard and smart work you put into your path of financial vindication.

This post is based on a true life story, and I want to use this medium to motivate everyone out there who think that life is worst to them.

Life is really cruel and heartless to me, but in all, we move forward never to go back wards. I believe that giving up isn't an option because all other works will be a waste if I give up now.


Nwothini was born to a great family of 4 with him being the second son, while having an eldest sister and two other brothers.

Growing up, things began to go north and I had to fend for myself from a very young age. I was around 6-8 years old when I first made my 2 thousand Naira with hard work. Back then, 2 thousand Naira is like 6 thousand Naira now, and I was paid this money on a weekly basis.

I worked with a wholesale shop. I was the short distance transporter then and my boss transported long distance. At times I do follow him for long distance transportation while his wife was the accountant. Back then, I do use a wheel barrow for short distance transportation and it was really stressful.

I worked for sometime after which I quit because of the stress and my body was too young to keep up with that stress.

After some time, when I was around 9 - 10 years of age, I got another job where I was paid the same amount.

I worked with a man who bakes meat roll, egg role, fish roll, burger and many things. (He taught me this skill which I've forgotten now though) and still paid me cause the work load was much. After I finished baking with him, the suppliers will carry it on their show glass and hawk it around.

I got feeding from there a x I didn't have to spend much money because after everything, I will save some, and bring some home to add to the feeding money for my family.

Dad left when I was born, so it was just mom and she refused to remarry.

I thought I had found vindication from my current work, because I was able to support my family financially but life had a very interesting path for me.

I wouldn't say we were poor, but middle class because everyone strived hard to make sure that we survived.

After some years of working there and schooling at the same time, mom said we had to relocate to the east (imo state Nigeria) which we did, but I was really pained because I was making a living and I was really happy with my current work.

We relocated to the east thinking that the path will be better, not knowing that things was about to get really bad. After much struggles, I couldn't bare it no more, so I had to look for something to do.

That was when I started going for laborer job. I mixed cement for a brick layer at the age of 16 and I did it for some time and still doing it till date.. yes even as a Nursing student.

After all the ups ad downs, I managed to graduate from secondary school with a good grade which still surprises me up till date, and that was when I decided to do nursing.

My nursing career is as a result of what life has thrown to me and I really don't want nobody to face such. I'm just summarizing things here to be honest.

I started my nursing career few years ago and it has been filled with ups and downs. We had a hangout in hive learners community last Monday and I told them I nearly committed suicide at one stage of life, but seeing why I started, looking at the people that are with me, and looking at tons of people out there I will help via charity, I decided to keep living.

Currently, I am a man of many talents.

At my current age, I do go for carpentry works,

I carry blocks for a block company,

I manage my provision store which I opened with the money gotten from the little jobs I do,

I still know how to fix wires (electrician)

I know how to sew (tailoring)

And I am still a blogger and crypto spot trader.
If someone told you that I do these things, will you believe? NO. I do anything for money except illegal things.

I do anything that could get money and all these money I forward to my schooling.. yes.. when I started hive newly, I removed the money I got due to school problems, and even in Steemit (I was an author there too... My username is @ delightharris), I had to power down and channel the money into my school.

Currently I am owing a 125,000 Naira but I'm just hoping and working hard towards it. I believe in my hard and smart works and I believe in my creator to give me strength... What don't kill me will always make me stronger in life, and this, I will accomplish and get my license to practice, then impact the world positively.


One things I've come to learn in life is that, if you're like a Christian that prays for God to do everything for you, my dear you'll perish. I believe that God has given us "dominion." In genesis he said "and let them have dominion." This implies that I have the power to do things, I have the authority to command things to work for me, but all these I could achieve through hard and smart work, including determination, self control, positive spirituality, loyalty, humility, as well as good vibes.

I am a student nurse currently who is in his Final years, and my dream of charity is about to be accomplished by Grace.

So what is holding you? If I could realize myself at age 6 and get out of my comfort zone to work, what about you? Yes two people ain't the same, but you're better than a 6 year old.

Irrespective of what life is throwing at us, we should be strong enough to fight head on with it. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger and, and if I die trying, it's better for me than to lead a miserable and poor life.

If you feel like crying in the process, shout out loud and cry your heart out.. if you feel angry and annoyed, look at your reflexion in a mirror and ask yourself, what is wrong and how I'm I going to solve this problem.. if you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started and the people who are hoping that you make it in life, and when you reach your dreams, put in kindness to the world, help the needy, and tell them to help other persons and by so doing, the world will be a better place.

The change you seek begins from you.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate you stopping by, and all the support I have been getting.

I love you all.

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