Creative Sunday // Palm oil preparation


Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog.

This is my first time to make a creative Sunday post, and for today's post I will like to make a step by step process of making palm oil in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Palm oil is a red oily liquid that is important to an average Nigerian person, as it contains nutrients as well as is very delicious.

It can be used in he preparation of soup and can also be used to eat rice, beans, plantain and many other foods.

Here are the step I followed to make my palm oil

First of all, I called somebody to help me climb the palm tree and plug the palm fruit.. they do this with the aid of a rope and a cutlass. The rope is used to climb the tree while the cutlass is used to cut down the fruit.

Step 2

After they've cut down the fruit, I went with my cousin to pick the bunch of palm fruit and transport it with a wheel barrow to the place where I will process it. The first thing I did in the processing was to use an axe and break the bunch, after which I then pick the palm fruit one by one and then put in a bag, then transported to the oil mill also called igwe-nkwu in Igbo language.

Step 3

Reaching the oil mill, emptied the bag of palm fruits into a big pot and I cooked it under a locally made fire for 3-6hours so that it will get cooked properly and the oil will come out of the palm fruit. The image above is that of a cooked palm fruit.

Step 4.

After the palm fruit has been cooked, I removed it from the big pot as hot as it is, then I transferred t a machine that will grind it .

Step 5

This machine is the grinder and it is like a blender, but the difference is that this one is big and it is powered by a lister which helps it to turn. I poured the palm fruits into the grinder and allowed the operator to do his job.

Step 6

Transporting the grinded palm fruit to the presser

After grinding it, removed the grinded palm fruit from the grinder and I transferred it to another machine called the presser. This presser is very important because it is the machine that will help the oil come out of the palm fruit.

When the bucket we put below the presser to serve as the oil receiver got filled, we transported it to a bigger bucket and then repeated the cycle

With the aid of another person, I was able to fix the pressers handle and turn the machine and pressed the oil out of the palm fruit.

Step 7.

People helping with the separation of the kernel from the fiber.

The separated fiber

The separated kernel.. it is bigger than this but this is just one of the kernels.

When I am sure that the oil is out, I will open the presser and remove the pressed palm fruit, then I'll keep it for people to help me separate the palm kernel from the fiber, after which I will still press the fiber.

Step 8.

After the separation, I'll settle the people that helped me in he separation by giving them some of the kernel, then I take the rest home to either break and sale them or use it for personal consumption.

Step 9

In this step, i told my aunt to help me boil the oil that was gotten from the fiber because it was mixed with water. I couldn't stay back to do it because I was hurrying back to school so that I will catch up with school activities.

Step 10

My humble self

The product of our hardwork

The bagged palm kernel

My cousin that assisted me in the process and he is still the one that took this awesome shots for me.

This is the result of the process.

The oil has come out. In this process, I got about 35 liters of oil which was sold at market and I used the money to return back to school and settle some of my bills in school.

This is the processes I used in making palm oil which I sold and took some back to school.

Thank you for reading through my post, I really appreciate. See you in the next post bosses.


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