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My skills are my passion


My dear friends of Hive platform I really excited to take part in this amazing challenge. And excited to share my skills and it's ambitions to all of you.

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When I was younger at the age of 8 years old, I go to my uncle's shope of Iron and other metals. My uncle used to make and repair a lot of things with iron and steel. I lean a lot from my uncle by working there. I have listened a thing that the skill which we learn in our childhood and doing it till our maturity it's become our hand and we became best in this field. Some of you must have had a job done at a young age. And you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Besides this can also make a very good tea and the whole family members like my tea very much. I think that this is also a skill which is very important and best in me.
Now I want to show the pictures which I take today after watching this post .
Am also best in writing blogs and my handwriting is also good. I will talk about it also in this post.

Working on Iron and Repair things

As I tell you above when I was 18 years old I used to go to my uncle's iron shope. In this shope my uncle's worked on the heavy machines and repair them in no time. So I learned all this at the age of eleven and giving my time after school in this shope. I really enjoy to do this work and I have created many little things like a Rolling Airplane ✈️ wich uses of iron plates and also repair many toys. It's become my passion and now I am also watches the video about this topic on YouTube. I clicked some pictures today at the shope of my friend where I often makes tea for my friends.

And at the age of 15 I quit this because I went to city for education so after that I don't have time to do it. I know this is a natural skill present in me and I can utilize it anytime or anywhere.

Skill of Making Tea

I have two sisters and one brother and I am the most elder among them so I have to workz of home some times. I have experience of making some recipes in kitchen which I learn from my mother to reduce her stress and burden of work. So I describe the makanisms step by step.

First of all I take some fresh water in the poat and shaje it once. And wait for it's bowling..

After boiling or heating of water shake the tea with spoon, add some sugar and pour it for some time.

Now add the desired quantity of milk and take it as it is for some time then wait for boiling it.

Make sure to wash the hands and cups. After washing these cups now it's time for fill these cups with tea.

It's a Ultimate look of golden tea with beautiful smell and taste.

Pour the tea into the cups and it's time to add some things with this tea. So I found this following thing.

I take two fruit cakes and make my tea very awesome.

So this is all about my skills and these are really easy work for all of you. The work make a very high changings in the other normal people who don't need or prefer any work in this age.

I hope you like this post very much and a very good article is because by this article we remember the old but beautiful memories. So am waiting for you comment on post

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