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It's Friday... yahhh 🎉. I have been looking up to this particular weekend. This week seems long from my end, I have been so overwhelmed by the happenings around my home since the week began but hopefully, all will be fine soon!

Today's edition topic is all about witnessing a crime scene. Hive learners team has a way of making our minds travel back to both far and recent happenings around us through their contest topics and that's great. I hope you will pick a lesson from the experience I had over an illegal act within my vicinity some months back.

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We are in a world where evil is becoming so rampant. Many people have lost their conscience due to money. They don't mind soiling their hands with blood without thinking of its detrimental effect. No one has an excuse to commit any crime!


Sometime in July last year, I was sitting on the sofa in my living room and all of a sudden, I started hearing a scream of a child and that of a woman. The woman was shouting for help while the child was crying bitterly. I rushed out and saw a crowd already gathered in the woman's place. I saw the child lying so weak on the floor with blood on her cloth. I saw a young guy being held already, his hands and legs already tied on a pole while the mother of the child kept crying in anguish. It was not long before the chairman of our estate came and forced the guy who committed a crime to confess his mission, and the crime he just did with the child while the mother stepped out and he began to confess...


The young guy said that he has been a family friend to that family he carried out this crime. The whole children loved him because he always buy them gifts while visiting. The parents of the children also liked him and trusted him. So on that faithful day, he came to the house as usual to visit and he met only the girl child (8 years old) and the mother. Within a short time, the mother served him food and stepped out to buy a drink. Due to his evil mission on that day, he had traveled to the east the previous day for a visit to a native doctor who wants to make him rich 🤑 and the native doctor gave him a white and evil handkerchief which he should use to collect the blood of a virgin. He quickly lies the girl child down, closed her mouth and forcefully used his hands to disvirgin her to collect the blood from her private part as instructed by the native doctor. Hmmmmm, so sad 😢 this point, my ears were heavy!

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He already achieved his evil mission but on stepping out, the mum returned and met her child lying helplessly, sobbing on the ground. She quickly locked her entrance gate just immediately the guy wanted to escape and began screaming which attracted the neighbor's attention.

Imagine the gravity of this crime, imagine an innocent girl child being the victim. Imagine what would have happened to her destiny if the guy succeeded in taking the blood he already collected to the native doctor. Well, after his confession, the youth around beat him mercilessly, he almost died before my very eyes and I didn't pity him either because he is evil. The chairman of our estate was the one that reported the issue to the police while the mum narrated the story to the police officers that same day. The man was arrested and to date, he is still in kirikiri prison here in Lagos state Nigeria while the girl child was taken to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.


In summary, no crime goes unpunished and you don't have any excuse to commit evil. No wonder they say that money is the root of all evil. No matter the hardship you are facing, don't even think of a tiny crime because the detriment if caught will forever make your life miserable.

This post was inspired by the #hivelearners community contest on the topic titled CRIME SCENE


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