Have you imagined how schooling would have been today on the part of learners and tutors without technology? I guess it would have been a bit difficult. With the use of smartphones, computers, and other gadgets, learning has been easier. Technology has indeed made schooling very efficient. These devices have helped a lot of learners including me. Imagine running to the internet to source for more clarifications during those lecture boring days in the university. Some lecturers do not create sufficient time for learners, they just do some periphery kind of teaching and expect the students to know it all. My course requires practical learning, and I can't count a lot of times the YouTube video came to my rescue. A lot of students have many testimonies about the impact of technology in their lives, indeed, it can never be underestimated.

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How did technological devices help me during my schooling?

Technology was a great help to me in terms of research. Several times, I was presented with topics for seminar presentations. These were presentations that involved outside Dental practitioners as the audience. All thanks to technology, I made my smartphone my best friend. I could research the topic, read my textbooks as well, combine the information and deliver. No student will pass the four walls of the university without carrying out a carrying, it's a must, so aside from my regular academic activities, my smartphone helped me greatly during my project. It also saved me money, when I didn't have money to buy all the needed textbooks, I download such in pdf files, then make my note through them, just with data alone. It was the affordable means of learning and is still affordable even now because whatever you can think of, you could virtually get on the net. Even while in transit, I didn't need to overload myself with books 📚, I had what I needed to read on my phone until I return to school. The assignment is being done online and students could see their grades as well online, Learning was made easier indeed.

Did they constitute distractions or they were of great help

Distraction is inevitable. I wouldn't lie, sometimes I was distracted while using these gadgets. At times I will be focused on reading a particular content and before I know it, some info will pop up and I will check, from there I may receive a WhatsApp message from a friend, and at the end of the day, my expected result for the day would be limited. Although this didn't happen all the time, most times I tried to discipline myself and sometimes I succumbed to the distractions. I should blame learners on the part of the distraction because it's in our hands to control it and remain focused while learning.

What I think about the future of education concerning technology

With the level of transformations now in education due to technology, I think the future will be brighter. Scientists do not stop with their innovations, of course, so it's going to just be a more digitalized world!

This post was inspired by the #hivelearners community contest on the topic titled, TECHNOLOGY ON EDUCATION


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