Discrimination practices in Africa; it's possible to put an end to this!

The unequal treatment between a male and a female in our world today has become so rampant, taking my country, Nigeria, as a case study. Gender discrimination has existed even before I was born and is still very much in practice in different ways. With the help of social media, some notable women have taken it upon themselves to preach about gender equality, but the ongoing discrimination is still very much in practice to this day.


For instance, in my culture, a female is not entitled to family land benefits. Only males have the right to share in the landed property for the family. Even when a meeting concerning land is being held, a female is not expected to come close to the gathering, let alone take part. In my biological family, all my brothers have gotten their land inheritance, leaving us ladies empty-handed. They believe that ladies will get married and leave the family house to their husband's house, thus the discrimination. In education as well, there was a time when our fathers hardly sent females to school because of the same reason, my mum faced this issue and it affected her till date. The discrimination starts at a younger age, which leaves a negative impact on the lives of children.


When you talk of taking some roles in some establishment, they still apply discrimination, either to affect a male or female. In the church or mosque, the practice happens on a daily basis. In some cases, females are considered first, leaving the male behind because people believe that men have the capacity to withstand suffering. All these are forms of discrimination that some people neglect.

In my part of the world, when a man commits infidelity, it's regarded as a normal act; after all, he is a man, but if it was a woman that did the same, the woman would be humiliated and have her property thrown outside her matrimonial home, and that would be the end of the marriage. Why can't everyone be treated equally? Why are men paid more in some establishments than women, even when they have the same role? Because men are assumed to have more strength? The truth is that this thing called discrimination affects everyone in one way or another.


My experience with discrimination:

During my NYSC program (a compulsory program by all Nigerian youth to serve their country for one year in any establishment being posted to), I was rejected by my own gender in the Lagos State Dental Center. A woman was the head of the dental department then and should be the one to accept me and write to NYSC officially. She said that she can't accept me because I am a woman, you could imagine. According to her, She wouldn't want to hear, "I am going for antenatal care; my child is due for immunization; my husband is doing this or that". She needs only men who wouldn't have such distractions. Just because I am a woman, I got rejected in my supposed workplace just like that. At last, I searched for another establishment that accepted me for who I am and gave me a request letter to submit to NYSC based on that. That is how I later served my country and moved on with the next step in my life.


The world is evolving, and it will be nice if this practice is put to an end. If I have the opportunity, I will ensure that any person or firm found to be discriminating will be brought before judgments . It's high time society saw all genders as equal before each other and treated everyone equally without making women or men feel less of themselves.

In conclusion, despite our differences in color, size, language, and gender, discrimination of any sort should be discouraged. Let love lead!

This post is in response to the #hivelearners community contest on the topic titled Gender discrimination


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