Reservoir View Near My Village


Hello everyone!

In this post I will show you photography of the view of the reservoir in my village, this reservoir is one of the beautiful places to visit, because it has an exotic view, located between hills and the area is about 25 square hectares, this is one of the water reservoirs that is very useful for farmers, because it can drain water into the fields, this reservoir is a solution to the shortage of water that occurs in farmers' fields.


Entrance here is free of charge, when the sun sets the scenery is more beautiful, but that day I didn't wait for the sun to set, because I rushed home, that day the weather was not too hot and it wasn't raining either, really supported my trip here, I spent approx. an hour here, while relaxing and refreshing the mind, this reservoir has not been used as a tourist spot, maybe because of this pandemic, tourists are quiet, but in the future I hope this place can be used as a tourist spot.


In this reservoir there are various kinds of fish, many anglers are fishing here, I one day visited this reservoir with my friend, using my motorbike to go to this reservoir in the afternoon, while enjoying the view and refreshing my mind, this reservoir is not it's too far from my house, and the road to get here is good because it's paved, I took some photos of the scenery from this reservoir, the water doesn't look too cloudy, thus adding to the beauty of the view of the reservoir.








That's my post today, hopefully it's useful, thank you for your visit, see you in the next post.

Best regards @neoseven

Camera usedHandphone
PhotographyReservoir Near My Village
LocationAceh - Indonesia

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