Red Ladybug Photography From My Village Garden


Good morning, this Monday I will for the first time share a post in the form of a photo of a red ladybug, in the beauty of creativity community I want to contribute a lot about photography, the beauty of the art of photography is one of the most interesting things, it is also my hobby.

And this red ladybug is quite attractive in color, with bright red and black spots, especially with macro photography techniques, adding to the beauty of this ladybug photo, I try to present quality photos, even though I still use simple equipment, namely a smartphone and a macro lens.

In the art of photography, satisfaction will be felt if we can produce quality photos, and this time I show you a red ladybug that I photographed in the afternoon near the garden or meadow not too far from my house, the weather is a bit cloudy it might affect the quality photo, what's more, this ladybug keeps moving when I take a photo, so I've deleted a photo that lacks detail, and this is pretty good for me.


Red Ladybug


Red Ladybug


Red Ladybug


Red Ladybug


Red Ladybug

That's it from me today, thank you for your attention, see you in my next post.

Best Regard @neoseven

Camera usedHandphone
PhotographyRed Ladybug
LocationAceh Forest

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