A New Beginning in Hive Community || My Introductory Post

Blissful Evening to you all,

My name is Christian Nneka Patience, an 18 year old girl who hails from Obollo-eke in Udenu Local Government Area but resides at Ogidi in Anambra State. I am a Christian of Roman Catholic denomination.
I am the fourth child in the family of five in the ratio of two boys to three girls where I am the second girl.


I attended secondary school at Daystar Secondary School, Anambra state and just finished my final exams few weeks ago which the result came out successfully, hence, permit me to use the popular saying, "when I was in secondary school, I use to read 24hours a day without break😂" you know the rest of the story, hahahaha.


My brother @kenechukwu97 introduced me to this platform but I wanted to finish my secondary school exams first, so here am I with my introductory post and I hope it meets the required expectation.

I do not know much about hive as I am still new in the community,but, I hope to learn from you all and also abide by the rules guiding this platform.


Talking of hobbies, there are a lot of things I find interesting in life and what tops the list is baking.
No wonder I joined a bakery class just immediately after my exams.




Music is also an indispensable aspect of my life, I really love listening to musics because I believe in their therapeutic ability.

I also love watching Korean movies and playing games.

About dislikes, I don't like to be lied to or deceived and I also don't like whatever that stresses me, that's all.


As a potential baker, you will be seeing my posts about my products and tutorials on how to replicate them yourself once in a while.

I hope we all cooperate and I also look forward to your posts where I will learn as much as I can from you all.

All pictures used are from my phone

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