Creative-sunday :-DIY : how to design this beautiful car seat @mosesessien

Hello everyone

Good evening and happy Sunday to everyone in this great community, how are you all doing I hope you all are doing great and has for me I am doing great. I am happy to participate on this beautiful contest here on hive learner community where we are to share our creative work every Sunday. Today is always very busy day to me but I just try my best to great a chance to make sure I post my own creative work today.
Has you all know me I am @mosesessien and I deals with car interior and today I want to share with you all on how I make this beautiful seat show below

This is so beautiful and if you follow me you will find this simple to do it on your own.
Here was the seat before

Tools used
Sewing machine
Sewing tape
Roof material
New leather

Steps followed

Step 1
I first of all go to market to purchase a new leather I am using for the seat which correspond with the interior of the car and here is the leather I am using.

Step 2
After getting my leather I now use my sewing take to take the measurements of each point on the seat and then write it down with the help of my chalk on the seat for easy viewing.

Step 3
I then use my sewing take to transfer the measurement I have written on the seat to my new leather. See photo below.

Step 4
I now use my scissors to cut it out following the line I draw on the new leather.

Step 5
I pick out the cut material and place it on the old seat and draw out my new pattern and then pick those pattern and place on a roof material and then gum it together so that the new leather will be strong and think.

Step 6
After I gum my new leather to the roof material I now cut it out using scissors ✂️✂️ for sewing process.

Step 7
I now use my sewing machine to sew the pattern together to form my new pattern, this step is technical and you need you need to be very careful if not you end up sewing and you don't get what you want. After the sewing I finally get my new seat cover.

Step 8
I now cover the old seat with the new sew seat cover by using clip to clip the center to the form.

Finally products
After following all the steps describe about, here is what we get has the final outcome.

Hope is beautiful . Please do well to ask any questions on the comments section .
Thanks so much for stopping by good night.

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