According to my own definition education is a way of impacting knowledge to an individual in other to help them add their own cognitive domain and bring out the best in them so they can contribute to the development of the society.
Technology on the other hand is the improvement of science in all the ramifications of life.


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There are lots of definitions for educations and technology as we also have three types of educations formal education, informal and non formal education all this 3 entails alot of things inside but then all i want us to know is that education start from cradle till death either it is formal or informal at least you are being directed by someone and the difference between this educations is that one has curriculum and the other doesn't the other doesn't follow any curriculum that is why it can be taken place at anywhere any place at anytime, but formal education is basically structured and it's doesn't happen anywhere but only a given structured place.


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When talking about technology education then we should talk about how technology came to restructure education and i must say that technology has done alot of good things on education aspect than the bad things believe me sincerely the contributions of technology into education can not be overemphasized i will be talking about how technology has been of benefits to the development of education below 👇


Distance learning one of the benefits of technology on education is that it's allows learning to take place anywhere And at anytime for instance there are some schools that doesn't meet and receive lectures in a regular classroom but then online they called this kind of school distance learning, they will be at home and receive lectures and so on they only meet the day of their examinations. This kind of education is designed for people that are working or busy perhaps have something he or she is doing, this design education can only be possible with the help us technology without it it's definitely not possible.

It makes learning easy moving forward another important of technology on education is that it makes learning easier for instance you don't need to carry all your book around you can easily access anything on your PC or your mobile and this is possible with the help of technology.

Accessibility of the internet technology on education allow us to access the internet most of the time now we just need to search anything we needed on search engine you might be using, assignment, class work and every other things are done on the internet easily.

It helps in learning honestly technology has done a very good job on education for instance most of us use the internet for our tutorial sometimes you don't need a physical teacher to direct you as you can just take your phone or PC and learn whatsoever you want to learn online easily, i have learnt alot of things from the internet even our so called lecturers doesn't knows it all the help us technology helps them to do more research in whatsoever they might be looking for.


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To this i will say it's depends on whosoever is using the technology for instance some people see technology as an advantage to explore more in their ramifications not just educations but some people misuse the so called technology for instance a student in a classroom pressing his or her gadget while the lecturer is till in class teaching some might even be on the social media and they don't care what happened after all, all this are distractions to them but that doesn't mean technology cause the distractions. I believe a student that will serious will be serious even without the development of technology some students will still not be serious, as i have seen alot of students using technology as an advantage in their life and they are gaining well, so in my own opinion i will say that misusing of technology depends on how oriented the person holding it.

In conclusion technology on education goes very far imagine doctors working without the help of technology how will they get equipments and so on technology has improved our sector generally not just on our education I'm thinking a life with no technology then everything will be boring because technology has already taken over the world 🌍.

This is my story how technology on education i hope you like it welcome to my blog I'm glad you stopped by see you next time 😊.

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