For long i use to think because i don't have much money i should not enjoy myself or i should work very hard before i start going out to enjoy, honestly some years back when i see people going out to have fun or to enjoy themselves i use to see it as wasting of money but no, i was wrong i know because i lack the knowledge then, as time goes on day by day years after years i realized you don't have to be rich to appreciate yourself believe me i must say self love is very important infact self love should the priority in everything we might want to do first this is because this time doesn't wait for no one i see people dying at early age without achieving anything leaving all the luxuries here on earth and yet they did not enjoy when they are alive that's sad.


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Some of us are really trying because we are not born with a silver spoon so we are trying all our possible best to get one honestly I'm one of those people some of us do 2, 3, 4. Work together just because we needed to eat or to make it big in life 💯 and we forget to show love to ourselves i use to be someone like that in fact some times we forget that everything got his or her own time we just keep working like a matchine.

I stop being a jack of all trade and start showing more love to myself in a nutshell i start focusing on my self more and more and i try to find happiness in everything little things I'm doing

I start appreciating the little things i do not until i have big things before i show love to myself so i start appreciating my self more happiness comes for being contented with what you have and stop looking at what other people have.

I start going out more to have fun before i hadly even go out to have fun but now not anymore i make sure i go out more and more as at last year to this year i can't count how many times i have gone out before i use to save all my money and i do not look like i work at all, don't misquote me i do not say saving is not good but you need to spend on yourself or you will look like you are suffering. Just this January i have gone out to have fun like two times not to talk of last year and ever since I've been doing this i do not regret it i must say

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I spend moremoney on food I realized you do not have to look like what you are going through in life if not anything then i don't for a single seconds jokes with food lol 😆 lately when i realized that we can leave the so called world at anytime and left everything behind i have start eating all kinds of good food , once i crave or like any food I'm going for it no time and of course I'm a good cook , just because i love food i meet with a lady that taught me how to cook some delicious meal and i must say I'm good at it.

I take care of my own body i show love to myself i buy whatsoever my baby might need to look good starting from good clothes, body spray, cream and any other thing that can make me good, this is because people even respect you more when you take care of yourself.

In conclusion selflove is extremely important and can not be overemphasized because you have to take care of yourself anyways and if you refused to show love to yourself your body will tell so why not show love to yourself and look pretty good to me I'm always happy and i even feel comfortable and happy showing love to myself so this are the little things i do for myself to make myself happy.

I hope you like my story welcome to my blog have a nice day.

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