To be sincere if you are enjoying your holidays you won't want to come back to work at all holiday is something i never joke about as a students then anytime we were given holidays like this we always miss use it to the extent that we will get punished especially Christmas and new year i could remember year 2021 holidays i was still a student then and i and my class mates told each other not come back to school as soon as possible after the holidays because we spent alot of time for work in school and most our lecturers are not considerate sometimes they do not want to give us holiday at all, since we are all cooperate in my department then we came back to school by February to resume back to school and we all got punished for not starting the lectures on time but even with the punishment we make sure we enjoy our holidays that year.


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Both Christmas and new year holiday is what i enjoy the most because i know very well that work will soon start, i must say i never regret going home for the holidays because i enjoy myself to the fullest, seeing my siblings and so on is something that makes me happy how i wish everyday is holiday how i wish we can celebrate Christmas and new twice in a year lols 😂 don't mind me at some point i do not want the holidays to be over this quick you know when you are enjoying something the time always looks like it's very fast but time seems slow when you are in bad mood.
I spent up to 14 days at that definitely 2 weeks i did this because I am personally my own boss because no boss will give his or her apprentice that kind of holidays.

Before i go home i already make plans on how i will spend my money at home i have some money for enjoyment at home and of course i have saved some money to buy goods while going back to work i almost spent the money i saved for my business lols 😂 so two days before i travelled back to my base i went to a big store in my town to get goods i will sell since I'm into phone and laptop repairs and also i sell their accessories and part of it, so getting to market i bought my goods.

Some of the goods i bought and i snapped it with my phone

This head set are part of the goods i got in the store and so many things i travelled back to my place of week last weekend and i have already start going to my shop since the beginning of this week that's Monday, so now that the work has started fully it's ain't easy at first because i wish to spend more time at home but then man will eat anyways and man must make money.

In conclusions I'm happy for the holidays but then i am so happy I'm back to my business i miss getting tired everyday lols 😂 i wish this 2023 will be the best for us all.

Thanks for reading my post so far 🥰 welcome to my blog have a nice day

The picture of headset i used in this post was taken by me with my phone and i bought

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