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Hello Hive Learners friends, how are you guys today, hopefully on this happy day we are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.



All right, friends, we have passed the 19th week and now we are entering the 20th week in the 1st edition which has a very extraordinary theme for us to discuss here, let's see about the discussion of the theme from me.

In human life, of course, there are some things that are anti or that he is afraid to do or there are also things that are anti or afraid to happen to him. There are many things that we are afraid to do in this life because they have a negative impact on ourselves, then besides that there are also things that we are afraid to do because they have a bad impact on others.

I myself have some things I am very anti-doing because they don't want to happen in my life. After I thought about it, of course there are many things that I am afraid to do because of the negative effects on myself and also on the people around us. Of course in this life we ​​always want to do good so that there are no actions we don't want or don't like in our lives. Alright friends here I'm going to tell you about some things that I really don't like happening and I don't want to do that.

  • Anti Corruption In the world of work, of course, we have heard a lot of parties who commit corruption that can harm other parties, I am also very afraid of this because if we commit corruption, of course there will be very heavy penalties given to the perpetrators of corruption. The government's anti-corruption rules have also issued penalties that are already in the law that are punished for those who commit corruption. Because I work in a government installation, of course, I really take care of this so I don't do it because it is a bad deed for me if I do it. This corruption was discovered by other parties. And we humans already know that corruption is not a good thing for everyone to do, so we have to take care so that we don't fall into bad things like this.

  • Anti in making a group of crimes As we know Indonesia is a country that has many tribes and several religions. Of course, as we have experienced in Indonesia, there have been many people who have formed groups that can differentiate ethnicity, culture or race from everyone. So it's also something I don't want to do to create a group that can make a fuss between each other. Because we already know that in the country, of course there are rules regarding the unity of the people, so here we must unite even though we have different ethnicities and different religions. So this is also something that I don't like to do and I don't want to fall into people who can make a group like this in the life of society and the state.

  • Anti evil against family As we all know, family is the only person who fully supports us in pursuing our success and family is also the person who is always there for us. Of course I don't want to be mean to all of them because they are people who love me and people who have no limit to their love for me because they are everything to me. Then I will take care of them to the best of my ability not to offend them and not want to do any harm to them.

  • Anti offending friends In life, friends are also people who are always there for us and I don't want to offend them. Because sometimes friends can be offended by unintentional words, but if I know the words are not liked by him, I still try not to say those words.

Alright friends, maybe that's all I can give on this occasion, hopefully this will be useful for all of us and also for others, thank you to the community that has supported and gave me the opportunity so that I can still participate in contests in my beloved community this. I would also like to thank my friends who have joined and have supported me. I made up these words in my own language and then translated them into English with the help of Google, so if there are words that are wrong, please forgive me because it was really unintentional. Thanks.


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