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Hello Hive Learners friends, how are you all on this occasion, hopefully we are in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.


Now we have entered the 1st edition in week 22 of this contest on the community we love. The theme that has been prepared by the community is certainly very interesting for us to discuss together, namely dealing with stress. So on this occasion I want to discuss a little about this theme with my beloved friends.

As we all know, food is one of the things that exists in humans and can arise with anyone. This stress usually arises when there is a problem or something that can make our minds become stressed thinking about it. What can create stress is not only in terms of the world of work or matters in the field of work, but that stress also arises when there is a problem with friends or with other people so that it interferes with our minds in thinking about it.

If someone is experiencing stress, of course, they should not let it linger. Because if stress in the long term will interfere with the health of every human being. As we feel in this day and age, there are many obstacles that occur in the world, both about the economy or other things that can make the mind stressed if you focus too much on thinking about it. It is now also a very common condition that we experience, many problems can cause stress if we think about it.

As I have experienced, when I see the problems that exist in this world, of course, if I focus too much on thinking about it, it will become a problem that can stress my mind. Not only that, sometimes at work there are things that I can't do, so I have to spend a long time to complete the task so that my mind becomes stressed. Well friends all here I want to tell you all about how I deal with stress.

  • When I am in a state of stress I focus more on positive thinking, because for me positive energy and thoughts can keep me from feeling excessive stress. As we also know that positive thinking is certainly very good for us because it is an achievement that we can rely on by thinking more positively.

  • Taking time to find activities that make me more relaxed. Because while we relax and relax, of course we don't need to think about bad things that will happen in the world or in our own problems that can make us stress.

  • Approaching ourselves to the almighty, as we know the problems that can make us stress, of course it is a trial or a will, we must experience it and only to God we can surrender all.

  • Try to make discussions with other people, because if we discuss there may be our friends who can make the conditions better so that we don't stress anymore.

  • sometimes when we are under excessive stress and we are not able to think about it, of course we will choose to sleep to be safer and hopefully our feelings wake up we can overcome what things can make us stressed.

Alright friends, maybe this is all I can share on this occasion, hopefully this is useful for me and also for others. Thank you to all my friends who have supported me. See you again in my next post.

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