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Cetonia Aurata



How are you, dear hive friends, how are you today, are you doing well. I really hope hive friends are in good condition, and always in the protection of the power.

Praise be to God who has given blessings and health so that we can re-share posts on hive on this happy occasion. First of all, I would like to thank the honorable ones, namely all hive friends wherever they are, and most specifically, Indonesian hive friends.

On this occasion I want to share some posts that I have prepared, namely the post of flower beetles, or often called cetonia aurata. Usually this animal is also called Chafer rose, cetonia aurata really likes to stick to roses. The animal cetonia aurata belongs to a very beautiful beetle with a bright and glowing color. I really like the beauty of cetonia aurata because it has a good shape and this animal is very tame. I found this animal in one of my places of work, I worked cleaning the bushes in the forest then I found it, I immediately told my friend, this animal is very good, I immediately took my cellphone to take a picture of it so I could share it with friends -friends on hive. Maybe this is just a brief article from me, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata

At the end of this post I say once again a big thank you to hive friends who have supported it. I hope that friends can leave suggestions in the comments column, so that with suggestions from all of my friends, I can display even better posts.

"Best wishes"

PhotographyCetonia Aurata
Camera UsedSmartphone
Modeliphone 6 s +
LocationAceh Forest
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