My Strength and Weakness

Strength is a quality that is most evident when it is weak. Strength is the capacity of something to perform or endure under pressure or strain, especially physical force. Weakness on the other hand, is the opposite of strength; it's a condition consisting of lack of power, inability to exert force, weakness or absence of physical power.

My Strength

A. Creativity (Being Creative)
There's no doubt that creativity and innovation are among the most important skills for every business and freelancers. The thing about creativity, however, is that it takes different forms for every individual. Some people are more creative in their approach to life and problem solving, while others think about it more in terms of an artistic medium.

But there is something else that makes me creative; being in my state of flow while writing a blog post (or getting any other project done). So this is one of my strengths; i.e. being creative especially when writing blog posts!

Being creative is a skill people learn and practice, but it is also a mindset we all have to work on to shape our lives. There are countless ways to approach being creative, but there are also some foundations that will help you be successful in whatever area of life you choose to work toward.


Creative Mindset

How I used creativity to the best of my ability

Being creative is what I used to alleviate stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety can be very damaging to your health. The more stressed you are, the more likely you are to experience physical symptoms of stress. It can also lead to a lot of emotional turmoil as well. The good news is that you can use creativity as a way to reduce stress and anxiety as I did. It doesn't matter how old you get or what kind of life experiences you have had; unfortunately, stress and anxiety are not going anywhere anytime soon.

My Weakness

A. Self-criticism
Self-criticism is a form of negative self-talk that every person engages in. It can be something someone does to themselves that gets them down, or it could be destructive to their own well-being. Self-criticism can be a problem in itself, but if it's not identified and managed well then it can ultimately be the very reason why you lack the willpower to achieve your long term goals in life.


How I managed Self-criticism to the best of my ability

1. Recognize the negative messages you tell yourself about yourself: You probably don't do this consciously, but when you feel bad about yourself, you may start telling yourself negative things like "I am stupid" or "I'll never amount to anything." These statements are almost always lies because no matter what happens in life, you have the power to overcome obstacles and get better at things if you work hard enough. If you believe these lies, then they will become your reality — even if they're not true!

For example, perhaps someone said something mean about you at work or made fun of something about your appearance or personality; this could be the trigger for the negative voice in your head talking negatively about yourself.


Strength and weakness are very aspect of our lives. But regardless, there are also ways we can use these phenomena to the best of our ability. In my own part, I was able to use my creativity strength to alleviate stress and anxiety, and also was able to manage my Self-criticism weakness through recognizing the negative messages that ring in my head. Thanks for your time!!

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