"In the event that we have gotten all we could have ever dreamed of; money, a good and healthy life, a great relationship with our Creator... What else can we go after as we live out the of our days? Or is the majority of our lives just spent going after all these?"


Such a simple question to ask but to some points, very difficult to answer. Giving answer/answers to this question would definitely have to come from different perspective, door it would be unjust from just one.

In the event set in place above, I bet that it's one where one can beat up his chest and say it to the world that he is fulfilled and has conquered all that needs to be conquered.

You have all you need and want at your finger tip, all you have to do is make the state or give an order and your subjects see to the accomplishment of your decree.

Now looking at this from two perspectives, a "Foolish" person and "Wise" person.

From a "Foolish" person view, once they get fulfilled, and at the peak of their glory, I can bet you anything that greed, selfishness and unsatisfactory would encompass the very soul of that person.

And when such is in the heart of a "Foolish" person, they only thing he or she would do is to crave for more. Their unsatisfactory behavior would now be at its peak, thereby leading them to derive pleasure and happiness from making lesser power people unhappy, by any means.

And with this they'll get to corrupt they cycle of life they're in, making life a living hell to others and turning the world bad with just a single act of foolishness.

And trust me, "just as love is contagious", so is hatred and wickedness, they spread like wildfire.

Now, from a view of a "Wise" person, when a "Wise" person is fulfilled in life, he doesn't stop there, he gets to help others reach there goals and also make them fulfilled too.

What a person chooses to do when he or she is fulfilled is left for them to decide, but as a Wise person, I'll be to help others get fulfilled too.

Thank you for reading, untill next I cross your feed again stay SAFE and be WISE.

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