Love does not cost a dime. .


Is it possible for money to buy love? How much of it are we going to need love to be bought? If it's not money, then what is needed?

Love is something that one can't explain, it not a material thing, it is a feeling, not just some random feeling but one that makes you feel something you can't give direct explanation.

Someone said "it feels like a thousand butterflies in my belly". Love is…….

It is very impossible to buy love, except it isn't love.

Using your money to entice the other party so you can gain way in to his or her heart is not what love is, there is more to love than what we really see going on in our society today.

The percentage of getting true love in society to day should be 23%, I'm not overhyping it but true love is really hard to find in times like this.

The world doesn't want you real love, most people would say to you "your love can't fit my bills, so keep it to yourself".

But what people actually don't see us that love does not cost a dime, it is precious when it is genuine and agape. The care, attention, support and even money would follow up in the relationship when the love is true.
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