Life is Not a Bed of Roses

Daily living, the struggle to survive in an unfriendly environment is sometimes a call for you to go end your life and get over all the stress.


The trauma that accompanies all that life serves on my plate, is too much for a person my age to digest or even behold. The emotional stress, the big space in my life that badly needs something to feel it up, the endless nagging and complaints I get from people surrounding me, the unsupportive movement of almost everything I find myself into.

The financial step back, talking about finance, I think it has the major effect of the instability I get it this world. As they say "money answers all", a person without money is literally a walking dead roaming about in the streets.

Money, financial instability is what has led me down to this unfriendly situations, always leaving me hanging in my unending dilemma.

Days were I literally have nothing to show forth, days where I trek long distance because of my inability to afford just Fifty Naira (N50) to board a bike.

Most times I sit and think and ask myself if I'm living in a glitch or I'm trapped in the moment of a stupid loop hole of suffering.

Life is not a bed of roses, but I'm less scared because I'll get a thousand roses when I am lifeless on my deathbed. I guess I'll have to think over it and see to making a decision, if I should really end it of live with it.

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