A Dinner Date In Paris


Going out for dates and having dinners with the elite and "creme de la creme" of a well to do society, or even from any of the world's industry (be it movie, music or even in some other spaces) has always been something I've always fantasize about and something I'd always love to do.

One person who I have always fantasized going out on a dinner date is Gabrielle Union, yeah you read that right.

Gabrielle has always been my day one crush, and it' definitely would be a dream come true to dine with her on the same table.

Under the full bright moon, in one of the beautiful streets of Paris and eating one of their best three course meal on the menu. All this happening with no paparazzi of any kind, just the two of us to ourselves and space.

As we eat, we'd talk how life he hitting us up and down, how fine are we with, our approach to situations. We would also talk about her, I'll ask her questions, make her feel happy and help her forget about the stress she passing through for the moment time been she'd be with me.

When we done with all the three course and justice has been made to the meal, we would go for a little walk. We would make jokes to each other, silly jokes about each other, goofy videos, run on the street like kids and feel every bit of the night, make it a memory for her because it definitely would be one for me.

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