Unboxing My Laptop - A New Era For My Hive Journey


This post should have been out since like a month ago but I've been pushing it aside in hopes that I'll get better time to write it. It's still not the perfect time but I feel it's taking too much time before I share the good news although a few persons know about it already.

I got a Pc last month


It's been from one opportunity grab to another since I got it and I'm so glad I made the sacrifice to get one... It's still paying off for me. So this post is going to be about how I got it and a few pictures to share how I unbox the pc after getting it.

I had a whole lot of options and suggestions when I showed the interest to get a Pc and thankfully @moremoney28 came to ease me from the many choices since he was knowledgeable with stuffs like that (it's his side business) and he also wanted to get one too so I decided to go for the one he suggested to me.


I got the sample sent to me from Lagos through phone contacts and I did some research about it over here, I couldn't find that same kind of Pc in my state as I had wanted to check the price difference to be sure I was buying in the lowest amount there could be and hopefully just buy at a place I would see what I'm buying before I pay. So I went for the one at Lagos as I liked it more than the ones I saw here, paid for it and it was sent down to my state in less than a day after I made my payments.


Because of my interest and continuous questions on my plans to buy a Pc, a friend of mine also got interested and we ordered for two of the same kind. The two was sent to me so I had to go deliver his own myself even when I'm yet to open to see mine. So yeah, I did my unboxing at his shop (he has a computer shop) and he was very helpful in helping me set it up.


And yeah, he opened mine first and we checked literally everything at the instance to confirm all that was said about it, we also checked for any damages the transporting may had caused but none... I got lucky with my buy, so he said. He gave me some pep talks about how to handle the Pc while he was installing some useful things in it for me. After that, I took some almost anyhow pictures which I'll share here 😂 bear with my untrained photography skills.



Did you just asked for the name and specifications of the pc?

I'll take it that you did ask 😅
Well, I got a HP 810 G3 Revolve laptop... A touchscreen, 8GB RAM, 256GBSSD, Cori5, 2.2Ghz with keyboard light and you can see that I could rotate it to use as a Pad instead... Not sure if I should share the prize I bought it for 😅

It's a good buy for me and considering the fact that it lasts for up to four hours when there is no power supply is a plus for me. I'm enjoying my money hehe. Special thanks to @moremoney28 and to all at the city of neoxian in helping me get into using it more.


I told you my friend bought too but he had to return his when we saw this. Since it's a touch screen, the small scratch you see there affected the screen and it's light kept blinking. Good thing, we bought from a considerate seller... The issue was from the transportation but he sorted it out by sending another with better caution.

And that is it for my Laptop beginning story, let me continue to enjoy it 😁

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