My Memorable Experiences With Private & Public Schools

I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks the word "Memorable" means something good always, I only recently learnt that even bad experiences are memorable so long we remember them from time to time. So when I say my Memorable experiences with both kind of schools, I mean both the fun ones and the bad ones... The ones I wished they had continue and the ones I still wish to never be the case for my kids in the future.

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Education for children is an aspect my dad never took for granted, he's always bothered about how well and how far we've gone in our schooling. Thanks to his job when I just got into lower high school, dad decided to send my siblings and I to a private school close to his workplace. He was getting good pay at his work place and he felt we were secured considering the good reviews about the school.

Oh I loved that school for literally everything... From the well trained teachers to the competitive students I met there who kept making me want to do even better than my best. It wasn't an easy task to come first or second in all my classes but I did alongside one of my seat mates who was as brilliant as I could remember.

Extra curricular, excursions, school parties and even ordinary PTAs were all made memorable for me as a student back then. The school was almost not lacking in anyway but I never knew it will be cut short for my siblings and I. Dad had to change our schools, not to another private one but a public one.

I'd say my experience with Private schooling was less stressful but most challenging to be at my best as the standards were set high for me to attain. I loved it but thinking back to that time, I can't stop being grateful for the change of school as it helped to prepare me for the real world.

Joining public schools was the main deal for me, I faced all sort of challenges than I had ever thought I could face in a school and those experiences are what have helped me to face real life challenges, deal with problems and solve them in a more practical ways than I would have. I'm not saying the private schooling didn't teach that but they definitely made it look easy for me.

I went to public schools through my high school level and the university, it's been a memorable and life changing experiences for me especially with that fact that they made student feel more independent than felt at private schools.

The benefits from schooling in public schools can't be expressed enough in words as my living today is as a result of what I was taught both in teachings, in practicals, in characters and even my moral senses. I'll argue a little that public schools has more experienced teachers, they are more disciplined and cheaper to attend. Those are good enough benefits for students to have a well taught life from.

But I still feel there needs to be an upgrade in the schools facilities and security. Students don't get to learn with good facilities at public schools as they are made to manage the old stuffs and deal more with theory than practicals. Students aren't so safe as they could do as they like once it's break time or close time... The independence for public students is a little alarming and I think it has to be put in check.

Over all, I'll say both schools are the best depending on the particular one you find yourself in. If there's resources, I'd prefer to send my kids to a private school but not just any kind out there, there are better ones that are more disciplined like public schools and has more security and facilities for children to learn in. But if I'm to go for public schools, I would still go for the best out there, there are better ones to choose from.

While the school one attends is of importance, the students should more mindful to learn the good side of it more and come out well. I've seen the best students from the worse schools out there and vice versa... It's all perspectives and motive to decide what your experience should be like in any school you find yourself.


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