A Wedding Guest Almost Didn't See The Couple

This has never happened to me before but I heard it like it was a normal thing at the wedding party yesterday... Oh that's how their wedding ceremony is here, the couple always come late and I'm like, Seriously? So why didn't anyone tell me to go to the party late so I don't feel this frustrated waiting for them? Well, I got no response so I just kept sitting and waiting for the couple to arrive from space 😒



What's even more painful is that, I came a bit really too early even when I was at home thinking I was going late. I got there around 1pm, where I come from, wedding would have gone far by that time but I was shocked to see that it was just a few people that had arrived at the place. I didn't know I was in for a long wait so I got busy with taking pictures of myself and anything I saw including my legs that were waiting (I'll choose not to show that picture, it was taken out of boredom lol).



I had planned that I would just take pictures of the banner they made of the couple then say on my status that I went to a wedding ceremony but it wasn't making sense so I had to bear with my waiting frustration and wait for them to arrive. While I was waiting, some of my friends joined in and we took a lot of pictures together. They used my phone for the photography work, you can choose to imagine the hundreds of pictures I found in my phone later when I got home. Here are some of them...





Just four pictures got here out of almost a hundred pictures? That's what happens when you have an average photographer and you don't want to bore your readers before the main celebrants pictures come in. If I'm being correct, we spent almost two hours taking pictures and we didn't feel like the couple were taking too long to arrive until we were done and went inside the hall. It was a bit dark inside as they were managing resources and didn't turn on light and AC while waiting for the celebrants. I took some pictures of the hall when we got inside (almost lifeless 🥲)



Imagine that you have stay in this place waiting for three hours before the whole place lights up... Well, thanks to Tiktok and Hive learners meeting, I got busy while waiting when we got inside. And when I got warned for my data, I got busy by looking at the different wears some people had on it was fun to watch them. My seat mates also made me laugh a lot as they kept helping the couple give excuses.

Maybe they have forgotten that it's this hall they want to use 😅
Or did the man say he doesn't want to marry again? 😂
They are on their way, it's just that the place is very far inside Dubai 🤣





Oh my! The sight of that wedding gown made me totally forgot about my long wait... It was worth waiting 😂 or maybe I was just looking for something to console myself. Even at that, look at that gown! So classy and simple at the same time and the bride is so beautiful. I still wonder why it's mostly the lady looking most beautiful that day and the man is just neutral lol. The two came in dancing alongside the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Maybe they were too tired or don't know how to dance, the couple couldn't move their body enough, they were just using their legs to move from one place to another so I just focused on her gown and how beautiful it is 🥲



The master of the ceremony didn't spare them still, he made them do a duet dance which I thought was one of the most boring agenda of the wedding. No offence but they didn't dance lively enough and I think tiredness was one of the reason. The dance ended and people began to go spray money, give gifts and dance with the couple. I ate my food and left with my friends back home.

The wedding went well even though I almost didn't see the couple, I left the place around 5pm feeling tired from all the waiting... In the end, its the happiness that two persons have left the single market that matters lol.

Help me wish them a happy married life

Images used in this post are all mine

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