I went to visit my dad's elder sister who is my aunt in Lagos and it was around last year for holiday at her place. We have a break in college and something that immediately come to my mind when I wrote my last paper is to go to her place to have fun there because I will get to see my cousins and one of them who is around my age will have a lot to gist for me about but too bad I went at a wrong time.

My aunt lives around ijora Badia on the rural side of Lagos and it was tough on that side around the time I visited because cultists were rampant. I get to find out they were fighting one another over the fact one group of cultists kill one member of the other group of cultists.

Those groups of cultists were using the powers they claim they got over one another and it was from one fight to another as both groups want to show who is the most powerful.

It was the weekend the day I arrive and if I have known the place wasn’t peaceful at that very moment I am very sure of it that I won’t bother visiting because the holiday was not sweet and full of vibes the way I expected it to be. On that day which is Sunday because we were back from meeting before 12’0 clock (yes my aunt and her children attend Jehovah's witness) we were in front of the shop talking and gisting and that’s how one young guy was chasing the other guy and get to meet up with him in front of the shop and the guy stab the other guy. Yes, they were cultist but the fact they were not afraid of the police or what the people will say by stabbing a person in broad daylight amaze me.


Did anyone of my family members wait to witness the crime scene? Well, none of us waits and we all run inside the shop and closed it from inside which I also believe nobody in that area will wait to witness what is going to happen between them because everyone loves their life.

We stayed inside the shop for hours and we get to come outside in the evening because we believed everywhere will have calm down then and we see the shock of my life and I will say that day was the scariest day of my life. We found the guy that was stabbed dead and yes I think the guy that stab him at first did that to him to death.

We have to close for the day and many days because we didn’t get to go to the shop and have to stay at home and we later find out that the cultist guy group came to pick up his corpse. But what amazes me was what I heard from one of my cousins because I get to leave there the next week. She tells me the guy that stab another guy to death is still alive though he left that street for another place entirely. To see a criminal alive to even witness everyday activities was shocking to me and I know it’s because this country did not care about the safety of the people. I think everyone is scared of the guy because I heard he is very powerful.

After some days, I heard police come to the crime scene just to investigate what happen and they act by arresting guys that dress shabby and looked like thugs guys and in the process, they arrest innocent people because of their looks and my cousin's brother was among who get to released after paying some money to the policeman. After all this, the fact the guy wasn’t arrested up till now was very bad and I wonder where he is.

Thank you for reading.

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