Newbies initiative task 2: Some basic things you should know about hive

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It’s a new week and it's the second task for newbie’s initiative. I am grateful for the love and lectures the team of newbies initiative has been giving to us and I must say I got value.

We were asked to answer some questions, which I will be answering in my post and they are:

How has been your experience on hive since you joined?
My experience on Hive has been good and it's been a good place to be, a place to connect with people, earn, learn and improve your writing skills. I am very sure people who have been on hive for so many years can testify to how it has improved their life and writing skills.

Though when I first join hive and was getting low votes and sometimes low rewards on my post and saw others having more rewards. I feel demotivated and I was not happy and thought I was doing something wrong.

When I joined hive, my mindset is just to write a post and start earning but I get to know things are not done that way, and you have to engage with other members and get connected with them. And it's been interesting engaging with people and getting to know them. I think I get to know posting on hive comes with luck too

Why is plagiarism frowned upon on hive?
plagiarism means taking credit for other people's work or taking others people's work and not giving them credit for it. So, the question is why is plagiarism frowned upon on hive? Hive doesn't want plagiarism because they want content that is original and if it happens you want to use someone's post or picture then you should give them credit for it.

Explain why the use of tags is important on hive
Knowing the right tags to use on your post is very important and with the use of the right tags your post will be able to reach the suitable people for your post. What did I mean by this? For example, if you are giving a book review and you went to post in the movie community then your post won't be noticed because most people in the movie community are not a fan of books but a fan of movie and also making use of the right tags help curators to see your post to curate when they use the search engine looking for a post to curate in one particular community.

List some general tags you know and explain the differences between these tags.
The general tags on hive are:

The difference between these tags are:
In my own understanding, I think all the tags contribute to all posts and there are no big differences between them. Hive tags, for example, can be used in all posts because it's posted on hive blockchain.

Vyb, Gems, and Palnet can also be used in all posts because they are all related to all types of content and not some other tags that must be related to the tags before use.

Neoxian tribe tokens stated in their details it’s said it’s not safe for work posts, but a general purpose community.

In conclusion,proofofbrain tags can also be used in all posts because we use our brains in putting up that piece that is been posted.

Appreciation to @newbies-hive and @hive-learners community for this initiative with @starstrings01, @samostically and my team leader @vickoly for their help and time given to us so far and also thanks to the curators @theycallmedan and @aliento.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading.

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