Newbie initiative Task3_ several ways you can secure your hive keys and your account.

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I think we all know how important our hive keys are and why it’s necessary to keep them safe because if you happen to lose your keys and can’t recover them back then with all the dollars or money you have in your hive wallet you won’t be able to spend it.

Being in the newbie initiative has been a blessing to me because I have been able to learn a lot of things about hive which I don’t done before.

Some of them which are how to use tags, the importance of engagement, and a lot more that I can’t start mentioning now, which I will save for another day.

I learnt another new thing which is how we can secure our hive keys to avoid a story that touches the heart later. You know how bad it will be for an hiver to lose his or her hive keys. That means the person will have to start all over again, but to avoid this you must know how to save your keys properly which I have learnt and all thanks to newbie initiative.

I will be answering newbie's initiative questions which are:

In your opinion, what are the best ways of keeping your keys safe?
In my own opinion, I think the best way of keeping my keys safe is storing them in my google account or giving it to a family that’s close to me to keep them for me.
And this person must be someone that is computer literate and knows the value of the keys, and my keys will be secured with them.

Presently now I am keeping my hive key safe by giving it to a person offline to keep for me and it’s sure safe with the person.

How do you check your recovery account and what process is needed to recover an account?
A recovery account is done when you need your account back when it’s hacked or someone tampers with your account. For you to recover your account you must have a trustee. What’s a trustee? A trustee is an account that has been attached to your account (it can be a person or a community) and this trustee will help you to recover your account.

You can recover your account with these steps
Step1: go to your peakd frontend, in the front of settings you will see a three-dot(…)then click on it.

After that it will surely bring this then you click on keys and permissions.

Step 2:Click on the recovery account that you are going to see there.

Then it will sure bring out who you should choose as your trustee. As you can see my trustee is “appreciator” and my account is safe with them.
Step 3:There is two ways in which you can recover your account it’s either you click on recovery link with the blue background or you change it with Hivesigner the one with the purple background.

Change with Recovery link will need the new name you want to use to recover your account and your owner private key. I will be discussing the use of the key soon.


Change with Hivesigner link will still need the same process as your new recovery account and your private key. Then you are good to go to recover your account.

Whom did I choose as my account trustee and why?
My account trustee is appreciator and I use them because I know my account is safe with them and they won’t leak my keys out.

Various types of keys and their uses.
Posting key: When you want to comment, post, follow accounts, upvote, reblog, or mute accounts on hive you need your posting key for that.

Memo key: memo key is used to send a private message to a person on the blockchain and it’s the least used.

Active key: It can be used for Hive power up and power down and it can be used to convert HBD to Hive power and for voting witnesses.

Master key: You can use a master key to recover your keys if you lose them but I don’t think you should lose your keys instead secure them.

Owner key: These keys can be use to reset all other keys and even recover your account and they can be used to create another master key in case you lost it.
The owner key is the most crucial and it’s important you secure it very well as your other key too.

I think I have been able to discuss how important keys are on this blockchain, why you should secure them, and how to secure them.

Appreciation to @newbies-hive and @hive-learners community for this initiative with @starstrings01, @samostically and my team leader @vickoly for their help and time given to me and my other members of the intiative and thanks to the curators @theycallmedan and @aliento team.

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