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It’s great that we have come this far in the newbie initiative because it’s task 6 already which means we have been in the initiative for 6 weeks. It’s been a lovely journey and I have gathered a lot of information and knowledge about hive.

Our last class was based on my blockchain games and how it works which means how you can sign up for it, play it and also have fun when doing all this.Blockchain games are also known as crypto games and they are video games. Hive blockchain for example has its own games.

So we were asked to answer some questions to show how well we understand blockchain games.

Mention two features that make blockchain games different from other games
•Playing blockchain games it’s like doing a job because you play to earn unlike others games where you don’t play to earn and just play for fun.
•In blockchain games you can trade your tokens and buy things with them offline but in other games, you can’t and have to use your rewards or tokens online which will have to be on the game.

List 4 games on Hive ecosystem and include their in-game currency.
•Splinterlands -Dark energy crystal (Dec)
•Rising star game- its in-game currency is (starbits/starpro)
• Psyberx =(level 1 token)
•Rabona=(RBN token)

What are NFTs and mention 1 use of NFTs on a blockchain game?
NFTs means Non-fungible tokens. They are digital assets and can be used to represent ownership of unique assets. You can make money with NFTs by creating and selling them and if you have a notch of creativity you can monetize all your creations by selling them as NFTs.

Practical exercise

Before playing I was in Level 2 and have 0 starbits with 0 starpro and I have 10 fans.

After playing I earn some starbits as the reward for playing illegal busking 😁and 10 drunks love my music and become my fans.

I am not a game person which means I don’t really love playing games and It’s my first time playing a play to earn game and it’s nice trying it out😌.

Appreciation to newbies-initiative and to everyone that contribute to the initiative .

Thanks for reading to the end.

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