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    This week hasn’t been an easy week for me and my schedule is tight because I have a lot of exams to attend to but despite that, I make sure I create time to attend meetings and do my task.

I feel so good and happy to make it to task 5 of newbie’s initiative and it’s great to me for coming this far. I have been able to learn the different tribe tokens we have on hive and how to tip people these tokens in the community. I also got to learn mining of tokens and the use of hive engine and I must say It’s been a great learning experience for me.

Even when the last meeting go on I had trouble hearing because of the network but all thanks to @ksam our tutor for the study materials.

I will be answering the questions asked by us which are:

Mention 3 Abuse of tipping/Mining token service
1)Making a plan with someone or a hive user that you both should tip each other token is not right. Like the person tipping you always and you tipping him or her back for both of you to accumulate tokens together. There is no difference between fraud and this and its abuse of tokens.

2)commanding tokens on irrelevant places and commanding them without putting quotes like this( ! ) is abuse.

3)Self-tipping yourself with another account that you own or a personal account of yours on hive with the aim of generating tokens for yourself is very bad and that’s an abuse of token.

Difference between hive and swap.hive
•Hive can’t be used to purchase hive engine token because it is not visible on the second layer token while swap .hive is visible on hive engine token so it can be used there
•Hive is a first-layer token while
Swap. hive is a second-layer token

List 4 decentralized exchanges on hive
1)Hive engine (
2)LeoDex (
3)Tribaldex (
4)Beeswap (

Convert 1.1 hive to swap.hive and convert it back to hive
I make use of leodex exchange by going to it from my hive engine and clicking on Leo tokens then click on Leo Dex .

After that it brought me to leodex swap.hive engine.

Before I can do any transactions or exchange I have to login so I click on the login part

Then it ask me to input my hive username.

After putting my username I click on the log in below it after that.

After that it took me to my hive keychain where I was ask to input my hive username and private posting key then it brought me back to the main page and it’s time to deposit my hive and the deposit I am making is 1.1 hive so I click on deposit.

It brings out my available hive balance which is 10.867 hive and the space for the amount of hive I want to deposit.

I type 1.1 hive which is the amouth of hive I want to deposit.

I was ask to approve the exchange which I did by clicking on the approve side with green background.

And my exchange was successful and I went to check it through my hive account.

Converting my hive from swap-hive back to hive I went back to here and click on withdraw.

This is what was brought to me and I copied the available balance on my swap hive and put it in the amount to be withdraw.

Then I approve my exchange.

And my hive was sent back to my wallet.

It was fun doing this and knowing how to exchange from hive to swap-hive it’s a great thing.

All the image I make use of in my writing are screenshot from leo Dex exchange and the rest is also from my phone through Ecency dApps.
All thanks to the people that contribute to this initiative . The @newbies-hive, @starstrings01 ,@ksam ,the curator @theycallmedan and @aliento team with @projectmamabg and my team leader @vickoly

Thanks for reading my post to the end.

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