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Welcome back to my blog.

It’s been an awesome journey and I have been thriving high on hive and learnt a lot of things that I didn’t do before I joined newbie initiative program by’s been great learning with my other team members all this long and I will say thank you for this wonderful initiative.

I will be answering the questions we were asked to answer.

What is your Favourite Hive dApp and why do you prefer it over other apps?

dApps is an abbreviation of decentralized app which means it’s not owned by a company or anyone and It works on a blockchain ecosystem.

My favourite dApp is peakd because of its features where you can check how many comments you have made so far and schedule your post till when you want it to be posted.

Have you used the ecency dApp? If yes what did you love about it.

Ecency dApp is what I use often because of the benefits that come with using it. Ecency dApp offers their user's bonus usage which means you get points when you make use of ecency to make a post, reblog, comment or vote on a member of hive post.

The points I got for voting on a person post using ecency.

I also love ecency because I can check the engagement league with the help of ecency and see if my name is there or not and if not then that means I have to work more on my engagement.

What is the unique feature of 3speak frontend over other Hive dApps.

one of the things I love about 3speak is we can choose any image as a background for our video.

Why should you publish your images through Liketu?

When you publish your images through Liketu the watermark and logo of Liketu will reflect on your image.

Thanks for reading to the end.

Appreciation to @newbie-hive and @hive-learners community for this initiative and my team leader @vickoly and team members for their help so far.

The curators @theycallmedan and aliento team I say a big thank you.

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