Hello everyone, I am super excited about this great newbie initiative that is created by @starstrings01 to help the newbies gain knowledge and have a good understanding of hive blockchain and I am glad for being among the people that were selected to participate.

As you all know my username is @mercysugar and I love to learn, explore and get connected with people that will add value to me if you think you can be of help or have some knowledge you care to share with me I will appreciate it.
I joined this community through a good person I wish I have met earlier in my life who is @princessbusayo but it's better late than never and I must say I appreciate her for introducing me to hive blockchain.

With the little time I have spent on hive, I get to realise if you don't know your way here you might get lost. what did I mean by this? I mean you have to know what you want and work towards it if not you won't achieve anything, all thanks to @starstrings01 for the first training or should I call it lecture on goal setting because it's educating and inspiring to me and I get to know I have to set out goals and deadline to achieve those goals.

Firstly, what are the benefits of setting goals?
The benefit of setting goals is to help give us direction on what we want, how to achieve what we want, and the deadline for achieving it. knowing this will make us stay motivated and stay focused without giving up until we achieve that very goal.

My goals on hive till the end of this newbie initiative are:-

Hive followers goal

My followers on hive are currently 42 followers, before the end of this program, my goal is to build my followers to 100 followers.

  Hive power goal

When I first join hive I didn’t know the importance of hive power but I do know the more hive power you have the more power you have on hive which shows how much you have contributed to the blockchain. My current hive power is 90.919HP and it’s really low as you can see by the end of this newbie initiative my goal is to build my hive power to 300HP.


 Hive power comments

My total comments on hive right now are 898 comments and my goal is to get it to 1,878 comments before the end of this initiative.


 Hive reputation 

My hive reputation is currently at 55 and as we all know reputation means how committed you are to the community and how much content you give out so with this my goal is to get my reputation to 58.

Staying consistent goal

My last goal is to stay consistent in hive and get known by members of hive learners, ladies of hive, weekend, and worklife community.

After writing down my goals, then I should talk about the strategies I am going to put in place in achieving them. Firstly, to achieve my hive power goal, I believe in staying consistent by making an entry into community contests of hive learners, and ladies of hive consistently, and making other content for different communities at least once a day and any day I didn't post I will be engaging and commenting on other people content/posts.

To achieve my hive followers goal I will have to follow people that engage on my posts by that they may follow back and also engage on people's posts by dropping nice comments on their posts.

I will achieve my comment boast by leaving a comment of 20 in a day by leaving comments on people's posts and 20 comments multiplied by 7 weeks which is 49 =980+898(my total comment presently)=1,878.

Then to stay consistent on hive I will have to take hive serious the way I will read my books if I happen to have an exam the next day😂.
Seriously, I haven't been that active, and there will be a day I won't post content and neither will I comment this is drawing me back, so I will have to take hive serious the way I will take my book serious if I happen to have examination the next day.

Then for reputation, as we all know reputation increases when we get upvotes, tho I have been posting but haven't been getting upvotes I will have to achieve my 58 reputations by making an entry for a community contest, commenting on people's posts, engaging and exploring more communities than by doing this I will get noticed by other members of hive and then they will visit my content too when I post.

What I think might hinder me from achieving my set goals is college stress and as we all know how stressful balancing college and work together is. I will be starting my exams on October 24th which I am preparing for because they are ongoing tests already, lot of presentations, and assignments to submit and present that when I get home sometimes, all I have to do is to go to bed and sleep and another major problem is the city I am currently in which is ondo states, Nigeria power supply is always not stable and three days straight there may be no light😢.

All this might get me tired and stressed at times, but regardless I am determined now and I will achieve all my goals.

In conclusion, I am thanking @starstrings01 @theycallmedan @aliento team, @projectmamabg, my team group leader who is @vicoly and team members as we are going to achieve greatness together and achieve all our desired goals.

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