Hot As Hell: Stop Burning Stuffs

I don't know maybe it's a global thing or not but this place sure does feel like the much talked about hell fire right now. I am not one for keeping tabs on weather forecasts and monitoring when the sun goes up or not. But one thing I am very sure of is that I have never encountered a February that is as hot as the one we have now.

The weather forecast for today says the average temperature may be about 28°C and get as high as 33°C but that was delivered with a caveat: that 28°C will feel like 35°C while the 33°C expected peak will feel like 45°C. We are currently in severe weather alert territory while the message of warning reads "Excessive Heat." Sincerely, I do not need a weather forecasting website to tell me what is going on. The experience has been horrible in the last few days.

According to sources, the highest temperature that should be experienced around here on a February is about 35°C. Last week Tuesday, NiMet predicted the temperature in the North will get as high as 41°C while the South will make do with about 39°C. How does a man whose body temperature is meant to be at about 37.5°C cope with a 41°C temperature? Something is really amiss. It has never been this worse.

Of course whenever there is a problem the first thing our mind switches to is to ask what is the cause of that problem. Well, for this ravaging heatwave, the causes are obvious, simple and relatable. Yesterday, I nearly threw a fit because of some insensitive act from my neighbour. While I was seated in the coolest space in the house hoping to escape the punishing heat I started perceiving an odour.

A few seconds later it became clear a very silly individual was burning refuse in the next compound. With the anger arousing inside of me I felt like going down to his compound and handing down some severe beat down to him. How can someone be so insensitive to the point of openly burning some stuff and increasing the surrounding heat and temperature at this period?

While I was considering my next line of action against such impunity I realized barging into his compound to caution him will not solve the situation - in fact, I will probably get embarrassed for pulling such a stunt. People around will question the audacity I have to go into another man's compound to challenge him for doing whatever he wants in his house. That is the summary of the problem we have over here.

See, the general causes of heatwave remains the much talked about global warming or climate change and overpopulation. Even a 10 year old kid knows this, but knowing the problem is always straightforward, getting an actionable, working solution then becomes the bigger problem.

In Lagos, the unofficial population is about 20 million, the highest in the country. Funnily enough, Lagos State has the smallest landmass of all the states in the whole country. According to stats, the average population density of the world right now is about 62 people per square kilometers. In Lagos, the population density is about 7000 people per square kilometers. Asides the North that is widely known for its excessive heat due to its desert tendencies, Lagos and its inhabitants are the worst affected by this heatwave.

Is there a plan to decongest Lagos? I doubt there is. So, let the suffering continues. Also, there has been thousands of meetings and reports on the issues of global warming and climate change. Scholars have written millions of articles on how to solve the problem. Are we on the right path to solving it or is it just noise making as usual?

In my neighborhood, everyone wants to build their own house. Bushes are getting cleared, trees are being felled on a daily basis. Despite that, the amount of cars on the road increases, fossil fuel powered generators can be found in every house. How do we solve the global warming crisis when we continue to pump carbon monoxide into the atmosphere at an alarming rate?

Just in case you are not getting the memo, NiMet said the heatwave is going to continue for a while. That simply means the punishment is not ending anytime soon. Funnily enough, the easily available solution is to turn on a generator that pumps more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The immediate solution we have is just a pathway to a more severe problem that lies ahead.

Can the government do well to subsidize renewable energy to make it affordable to the masses? With the national grid struggling to provide regular electricity a lot of SMEs have folded because of the amount of money needed to power their generators. Dirt cheap renewable energy options will lead us away from atmosphere polluting generators. Regular sources of energy will help SMEs maximize profits and lead to a new lease of life for the masses.

Also, I wonder why the only time the National Orientation Agency comes alive is when it's close to election periods. Anything other than that is none of their business. They should be out there screaming on the radio, television and daily newspapers warning people about the effects of bush burning. Anytime they come on stage, they only warn about bush burning because it can lead to a fire outbreak. So people started burning stuff in places where fire outbreaks can be avoided. They never warned that it destroys the atmosphere too.

Seriously, a lot of problems lie ahead.


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