Victim Of Circumstances


Many times we are anxious about our capacity which is not bad, but we should not lower our self-esteem by thinking that others are better than us. Some challenges may arise, and we may fail in a project that our colleagues did and were successful. This event will make us feel bad and disappointed, but in everything, we must not become victims of our circumstances, instead, we should motivate ourselves to deal with the situation and we should understand that an inferiority complex will make us feel threatened by the success of others and we might end up lacking confidence in ourselves because we feel that we are not meeting certain standards.

Does it mean I have everything I have ever wanted?

Not at all, most times, I do see people doing great things, and one thing I always tell myself is that, as far as they can achieve it, I too can do it. As far as they can get a good grade, I took can do it. etc. Instead of feeling inferior or having a negative mindset that it's not possible, I motivate myself to see possibilities, and I try as much as possible to feel satisfied with what I have while trying my best to have more.

Inferiority complexes don't only occur as a result of failure, most times we feel pressured by the things happening around us, e.g peer group pressure, because they do what they like, they drive a fancy car, they live a luxurious life, and then, you began to think that you are not up to their standard, you lowered your self-esteem for them, and deep within, you are frustrated. Feeling inferior has negative effects on an individual's well-being. Some of the effects will make you accept what other people say, even when you are not okay with it, you find it hard to make decisions for yourself, and many more. However, it is important to recognize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that no one is perfect. Focusing on your progress and growth, rather than comparing yourself to others, can help build confidence and high self-esteem

My Experience with an inferiority complex

Having high self-esteem is different from having an ego, but a lot of people misinterpreted ego just because you don't dance to their tune because their decision doesn't align with yours. Some people will want you to do everything they want without even respecting your decision, and they will always make you feel that they are better than you, they will make you blame yourself for their actions but when I notice those kinds of people around me, I always try my best to distance myself from them because I don't want to feel intimated to the extent of lowering my self-esteem. Feeling inferior has never been my thing, and whenever I see someone feeling inferior, I'm always like "Why" because it doesn't sit well with me, I'm always forced to confront that person myself because I don't why someone should put themselves in the shoe of inferiority.

There are different occasions where I have seen people dealing with an inferiority complex, but I'm gonna write about my experience when I was in secondary school. There was a girl in my class, she was one of the dull students then because she was not brilliant, her colleagues intimidate her a lot, she can't even say No when people tell her to do something, always trying to satisfy everyone because she doesn't want to be bullied. I'm always pissed off by her reaction to things that matters, had it been she's my friend, it will not happen, although I don't make friends with dull people, most times, I associate myself with the brilliant ones, Sounds like I'm proud? Not at all, it's all because it will help me to be more active, in terms of teaching each other.

I was forced to confront her the day she was slapped by her colleagues because she mistakenly stepped on her toes. She could not even say a word. I was not feeling comfortable where I was sitting, I don't see a reason why her classmate should slap her because of that, and, certainly, she can't try it with others. I had to confront her during break time, I told her not to allow her shortcomings to make her feel inferior, you don't have to act stupid all the time because you think they are better than you, and you have your own life to live. I tried my best to encourage her, and I bent my rules to be closer to her, to cut a long story short, I succeeded in making her gain confidence in herself and I'm glad I did it.

Some people have lost their confidence and sometimes, they may need you to gain it back, not adding more sour to their injury. We can avoid falling victim to our situation by Practicing self-care and self-love, no one can love us better than we love ourselves, if we don't care for ourselves, how do we expect others to care for us? we should challenge ourselves by curbing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive affirmations, saying negative things about ourselves will only make us feel inferior, and setting realistic goals and achieving them will help boost self-esteem.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I will love to know if you have ever feel inferior before or Maybe someone around you, and how you were able to overcome it in the comment section

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