The impact that affects when the peak of bribery and corruption that occurs.

Hello everyone, how are you on this very happy occasion, I want to share with friends about the contest that we love so much, but in this meeting it is certainly quite extraordinary to be able to share about problems that often occur in today's era, maybe with this incident being an experience. in the lives of all of us.
Talking about corruption, of course, in my country, there are very big opportunities for corruption problems, especially recently this year, of course, there are many corruption problems that are discussed on social media, but even though it often happens, there are many principles from the elite that do not respect the rules and regulations of the norms that have been set by law.
Even the issue of corruption was discussed by a resource person about the problem of corruption that occurred in my country, Indonesia, as Najwa said.
It is very important that the official camprets of the budgeting process are opened as wide as possible so that there are more official camprets from eight different winds.
Those who are watching are getting better and better. So that every evil plan is not moving.
The widespread practice of corruption in a country will worsen the economic condition of the nation, with this being the damage to every work carried out in the country, for example, the price of goods becomes expensive with poor quality, due to corruption, it peaks in society so that people are tormented by the existence of corruption. corruption in people's access to education and health is getting lower and more difficult to deal with, so this has become a source of quite a pandemic for corruption. become difficult, the security of a country is threatened, the environment is damaged, and the image of the government is bad in the eyes of the international community so that it shakes the foundations of the trust of foreign capital owners, a prolonged economic crisis, this economic impact is a very influential source in human life, so this is very important. Note that if there is corruption and the state becomes increasingly mired in poverty, this becomes an extraordinary vision for us to explore because this source is the prosperity of a nation and the success of a country, in this case it becomes the forerunner in the harmonious life of a country and nation.
One of the sources is how to overcome corruption and another is that even though all the sources of the laws that have been carried out, the driving force is high-ranking officials, but in terms of corruption, these officials also play.
The way to overcome this is for me to justify all the ideas put forward by the officials so that they can frighten themselves to those they should fear, such as the DPR.
So that's the policy that they can hold on to the things that plunge their lives so that they can be corrupted.
Of course, preventing corruption is very difficult if it is complicated, even though various threats and punishments are given, of course it does not become a frightening event for the corruptor.However, for my way of dealing with corruption, which is to provide extraordinary education about His religion, his conquest to God Almighty, then that is the ideal way for me to Corruption because in worship becomes a matter of seriousness, they will always frighten themselves to the God they worship, then with the norms of religious law as the foundation
Maybe this is all I can tell you on this very happy occasion, thank you for all the attention, friends, sorry for all the shortcomings and safety and also thank you for all the support from friends, of course, from the community that I am very proud ofSpecial thanks to :


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