Beauty Of Creativity Contest Week-03 || Share Your Best Sky Photography [Closed ❎ ]

Greetings Everyone! I hope you're having a pleasant day. Today, I've come up with a brand new contest. The topic of "Beauty Of Creativity Contest Week-03" is about Sky Photography. So let's have a look at the rules, guidelines & the prize pool of this contest.

Share Your Best Sky Photography

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Sky photography yields some of the most incredible and breathtaking photos. Aside from featuring unique and stunning combinations of the colors of the sky, the clouds, and the ground below, it showcases the sky’s underrated ability to “complete” the shots, whether you’re shooting an amazing landscape, a dramatic sunset beach photo, or even just a complementary foreground subject.

Many of us have the hobby of photography. Most people are amateur photographers, while some are professional photographers. Through this contest we are expecting some such awesome sky photography from you.

Contest Rules

  1. Participant Must share his introduction post in Beauty Of Creativity community to participate in the contest

  2. Share at least 3 sky photography in your participation post. Same photo from different angles won't be counted.

  3. Write at least 100 words to describe your photos. Maximum word limit is 300. Our preferred language is English.

  4. Entry post must be shared in "Beauty Of Creativity" Community.

  5. You can add location with your photos (Not Mandatory)

  6. Share your own photography only. Crossposting or Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.

  7. Use #boc-w3 & your country tag in the first 4 tags of your post. For Example, if you are from India use #boc-w3 & #india in your first 4 tags.

  8. Drop your entry link in comment section of this post.

  9. This contest will end on 03/09/2021


22 Hive Prize Pool

1st10 Hive
2nd7 Hive
3rd5 Hive

The quality and creativity of your photography & description will have extra priority while being judged

So, open the door of your creativity & show your photography skills. We are eagerly waiting for your participation.


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Thank You

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