Beauty Of Creativity Contest Week-02 || Write A Short Story Taken From Your Life [RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT]

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Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great day. Today, we are going to publish our Beauty Of Creativity Week 02 Contest Result. This time our contest's theme was about writing short story taken from real life. We had some good entries in this contest. Some stories reminded us of our childhood, some stories taught us what love is again some stories are heartbreaking for someone's life. There were total 6 participants this time. We hope the participants number will increase in the upcoming contests. So, let's have a look the winning entries of this contest.

1st Prize


"In the late spring of July me and my family moved to another house not very a long way from where we recently lived. Be that as it may, after close too fifteen years a difference in area was no joking matter for us so me and my three kin were truly energized. The new area sat in a major compound encompassed by many houses, from our home we could in a real sense see individuals' balconys. There was this one couple that consistently battled, I initially saw that early morning I hear hollering and shouting and individuals yelling....." Full Post Link

2nd Prize



I remember many things from my childhood. Some of these memories are dear and some are unpleasant. Most of my childhood was spent playing and going out with friends. Due to this I always got punished for not doing homework and getting good marks.

I got punished in class, standing on one leg for half an hour one day. At this point, I was crying while many of my friends were laughing at me... Full Post Link

3rd Prize



People can never walk alone. The people around need everyone's cooperation. I was born into a lower middle class family. My father studied hard. However, many times he does not have the ability to bear the cost of my education. When I crossed the primary level, I stepped into the middle. Then I was admitted to a well-known school in the city despite the fact that I was poor. There I had to study with a monthly salary. Which is very distressing for our family. When I went from sixth grade to seventh grade. Then I formed a deep relationship with a teacher in our school... Full Post Link



Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. Congratulations to the winners & best of luck to others for the upcoming contests. The prize will be distributed soon.

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