the science of aqidah and morals

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On this occasion I would like to write about the science of aqidah and morals. If one day I switch professions to become a teacher, then I want to teach my students about aqidah and morals. Because the times are developing, in my opinion, many children nowadays do not have adap, so they always make fun of teachers at school. We need to pay attention to this together.

Besides that, the knowledge of aqidah and morals is very important for all of us, especially for Muslims where this knowledge can make a person's character better. With children understanding the science of faith and morals, they can differentiate between older people and young people, because many of what we see they don't respect people who are older than them, therefore let's improve our living environment by learning religious knowledge.

The science of aqidah has its own meaning, namely trust, faith and belief. Aqidah is our belief in the Creator, namely Allah SWT which includes six beliefs or the so-called pillars of Faith. As for the notion of morality, namely the nature that is embedded in a person's soul which results in the emergence of various actions spontaneously without consideration. This character is our nature from birth which is embedded in each of us.

The lessons of aqidah and morality are very much influenced by Islamic teachings and are also very closely related. In the Islamic conception, the science of aqidah and morals is not only a medium, but includes human relations with Allah SWT and includes relationships with fellow humans or with the natural surroundings because of the implementation of Islamic teachings which are rahmatan lil'alamin. And if the relationship between humans and the Creator is very good, then our life is very beautiful and Allah makes it easy for us from all matters.

Therefore, I really want to teach my students or my children later about the science of faith and morals so that they know Allah SWT better and they also have good morals if they already understand this lesson. In fact, I really liked this subject of aqidah and morals when I was still in high school and the highest score I got was the value of this aqidah and morals. Hopefully with the lessons of faith and morals not removed from the lesson, let's improve ourselves together to be better and become human beings who obey religion.

And the purpose of learning the science of aqidah and morals aims to instill Islamic teachings as a guide to achieving happiness in this world and the hereafter. Man is a creature created by God who has been given an advantage in the form of a mind that distinguishes him from other creatures. And the task of the teacher is to maintain, direct and guide so that students grow and develop according to their potential, interests and talents. The teacher as a motivator in which the learning process will be successful when students have motivation in terms of learning.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


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