the Beginning of Meeting Friends

Hi all friends!!!

On this occasion I would like to write about the Beginning of Meeting Friends. In 2012, I started to enter junior high school and it happened that my parents really liked that their children entered Islamic boarding schools. So I was put in one of the well-known Islamic boarding schools in my city, the name of the pesantren is Dayah Ulumuddin Boarding School. When I started registering, I had a look at what the dorms were like and how the bathrooms and study rooms were.

After all the announcements and final stage tests, I finally started to enter the Islamic boarding school. I was put in the room of Ibn Umar. When I started to tidy up the clothes and bed, someone's parents arrived and their wardrobe was placed next to mine, so when my parents came home, I started talking and introduced myself to the neighbors in the wardrobe. My closet neighbor's name is Muhammad Kausar al hafidz.

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After introducing ourselves, we started talking and became friends on the first day of entering Islamic boarding school in 2012. On the first day of school, we also happened to be in the same grade 1.4 there, we immediately sat on the same bench together because we had started to be friends in the same room. We passed day after day together and went to school together, went to the bathroom waiting for each other and went to the mosque, we sat together, so that we were thought of by people like brothers and sisters because we were too close.

Time after time we lived, finally we had to separate rooms when we started to enter the second grade of junior high school, but we remained in the same class until we graduated from junior high school, the only difference being the room, but our friendship continued as usual. In fact, we often met every day and went through various kinds of obstacles at the dayah. We even had a chance to bathe together because of language punishment at that time, we went through a lot of ridiculous things. In fact, we already felt the bitterness when we were at the Islamic boarding school, starting from having no money when it was time for the end of the month and food stocks were running out so we complemented each other there and helped each other, therefore I really care about this friendship.

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As time went on, we finally graduated from junior high school and we started entering high school, there we started one room again and one classroom again until we graduated from the Islamic boarding school. When approaching high school friendship was getting better and we carried on as usual. Long story short Finally we graduated from high school and we had to separate at that time in order to pursue our respective goals. Even though we are in different campuses, we often meet and hang out together every night.

He studied at the IAIN Lhokseumawe campus and I at the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic. Even though we sometimes have our own busy lives, I make time to hang out with my friends every night, even our hangout place is near my best friend's campus. There we met and told stories about the past and we laughed together here because we went through a lot of ridiculous things like skipping class, skipping home without the permission of a teacher and many other things we went through together. Hopefully this friendship will be maintained until we have children later because someone I have known for a long time will be hard for me to forget because we have been through hardships together for more than 6 years in Islamic boarding schools.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


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