The journey of love with a precise destination

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Hello everyone, traveling by public transport is a new adventure every day. Just think, you leave home 5 minutes late and you have to run to the bus, train or plane station in order not to miss your departure. In the medium of transport we meet unknown people who share many things like age, hobby, feelings or just a destination.... We see happy and angry faces every day but my story for this topic is different

I want to share with you the craziest thing I've done in my life, more precisely for love.

We are in the year 2008 and I was 22 years old, a long distance love was born between me and a very nice nigerian boy through online correspondence. After several months of chat, phone messages,and many calls arrived the time to organize our first meeting... I have emotions even now when I remember.
I lived in Romania in my parents' house and he was working in Cyprus in that time. After much insistence from him I accepted his request to go to his place on vacation... I traveled by plane, this was my first experience of traveling by plane and the craziest thing ever. I have to point out that in the past years there were no direct flights from my city to Nykosia, Cyprus. So my journal started like that:

1.Cluj-Napoca - Timișoara Romania, a 30-minute flight with a small plane for a maximum of 30 people, which at that moment was almost empty, there were exactly 5 people on that flight. Good takeoff and landing, I didn't feel or understand anything, I was too panicked and took a breath


2.Timisoara- Athens, the capital of Greece. This flight lasted around 2 hours. Here I had the seat on the plane next to a very nice lady.... She was a well-groomed blonde, around 40 years old. I don't know how but she quickly understood that it's my first flying experience
"-It's your first time flying, you can see the concern on your face... But don't worry you will reach your destination safely"
-OK, i said trying to hiding the shame
-Drink some water and take some gum it will help you with the pressure you will feel on your ears
Said and done...
After that this nice lady started to tell me how our trip from turbulent up to the products I could buy on the plane He invited me to look out the window of the plane to see how beautiful the clouds are viewed from above. Friends I can say that looking at the clouds in all their splendor relaxed me.... Slowly slowly I forgot that I was flying, the feeling of fear, insecurity and panic left me and we started to talk about different topics and the hours of flight passed without realizing it.
And it was time for the 2nd landing. There was no turbulence but I felt a severe earache that lasted for several good minutes.


Arriving at the airport, the first problems began... I had to wait 2 hours for the next and last flight to reach the destination. I remember that Athens airport was very big and I got lost 2 times until I found the counter to change the ticket. In the end I found it and I had to wait for my turn for about 1 hour.

3.Athens-Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus
The time of departure was approaching and I, with the ticket in hand, headed to the classic security control where everything was ok. I boarded the plane and headed to my reserved seat... Here I found a gentleman, he was probably around 60-65 years old with glasses on his eyes reading a newspaper. When I sat in my seat and he slipped the glasses on my nose a little, he inspected me from head to toe (like a barcode being scanned on it 😂) and started saying:
I don't talk and I don't want to listen - try not to touch me or disturb me LOL, friends, I think that gentleman had some problems and I said - but who would want to touch you somehow? Read the newspaper and have a pleasant flight 30 minutes of silent flight, but all this time I was thinking, sir, what's the problem with other people🤔 if he can't stand anyone why doesn't he use a private plane?


It is important that I survived this flight and arrived at my destination safely and full of emotions.

The account of the first meeting is long, but I can say that the most exciting week of my life followed. From meeting your great love to visiting the city, tasting traditional food and having fun in the various restaurants of Nicosia.
It was 1 week where I did everything:meeting new friends, midnight dances,all the things that you can imagine that can do two crazy lovers 😂, etc..... 1 week like 1 year.....maybe one day I will tell my adventure in detail in Cyprus until then I will show you some of the pictures that I have kept for so many years (15 years already)

Soo, this was my craziest experience with public transport and the craziest thing that I have done in the name of love... because love is madness and the one who loves with all his nature becomes the craziest person in one reality life with many rules

It was a crazy trip? YES, definitely
If I could go back in time, would I make the same choices?
Definetly YES.. same journey, same choice, same adventure 1000 times

Thank you for reading and see you in the next adventure😉

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