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We humans are all talented beings and we have certain things we do naturally without any need for learning them. Some people believe they don't have any talent but I believe we all do; there's always something you're naturally good at and you just have to discover it for yourself by trying different things.

You won't really know you're good at something until you have actually tried it and then you will be like; "wow, I am really good at this". For me, I have a couple of things I am naturally good at and they come very easy to me, one of them is:


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I have always loved computer right from childhood. One of my neighbors back then had a desktop computer and I always go to her apartment just to watch her doing tasks on it. Sometimes when she's done with it and turned it off, I start playing around with the keyboard and pretend like I'm typing a document.

After a few months, I became familiar with the keys on the keyboard; I knew exactly where they are and I didn't have a hard time locating them. I became much faster at my imaginary typing which is basically just me staring at a blank computer screen and typing an imaginary document.

My neighbor seeing how passionate I am about computers will sometimes give me a little document (maybe 8 or 10 lines of sentences) to practice typing and when I am done typing it, I will start snooping around the computer; opening folders and apps I can't even understand, but one thing I always have in mind is that there's always that "X" button at the top of any opened folder or app which I can use to close it when my neighbor is coming.

A couple of years later, I became very good with computers and I could solve most problems that involve a personal computer or a mobile phone (which is also a computer 😉). People around me started bringing their computer and phone issues to me to help them find a solution. "Please my phone is not browsing, can you help me find out why?", Said a much older man to me one day

This was back in the days when we didn't even have android phones and most people are using those small Java phones that run on 2G or GPRS networks. Unlike now where you buy a new phone and you can immediately use it to connect to the internet, back then we had to set something called an access point, which involves setting the IP address and port number of the network.

And now in 2022, I came across those same things in a peculiar way. I am currently taking an online computer science course with Harvard university and last week, one of the topics that were taught was about the internet and they mentioned HTTP, IP address, port number, etc. I was just smiling while listening to the lecture and I was like; "I started playing with these things when I was 12 years old, it's nothing new".

How have all these helped me?

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My love for computers has helped me a lot in more ways than I can imagine, I can easily understand how to do tasks with computers even if I haven't done that exact thing before. I enrolled in a computer school after graduating from high school and within one month, I have already surpassed those who have been there for over 3 months.

The program I enrolled in was supposed to last for 9 months but I got done within 6 months. I did the final exam and I passed perfectly, I remember the owner of the school saying there was no need for me to even take the exam because they were confident in my skills but I just had to go with the process. Aside from computers, another thing that comes natural to me is:

Repairing electrical and electronic devices

I tinkered with a lot of electronic devices when I was a kid and I got shocked a lot of times for tampering with electricity. I also got into a lot of trouble for ruining things around the house because after dismantling them, I couldn't rebuild them. I gained experience from all that and I slowly learned how to do things better.

Fast forward to the present time, I can now comfortably carry out simple repairs around my home and my parents that always whooped me for ruining their favorite radio have now turned me into their personal electrician, most things that break down are now being fixed by me.

I even worked on an electrical appliance today; we have a ring boiler that suddenly stopped working yesterday and my mom believed it is a permanent problem that can't be fixed but I knew it isn't, there's a solution. I dismantled the head of the boiler today coz I suspected the problem might be a burnt wire but after opening it and seeing a fuse, I knew exactly what the problem is; the fuse blew up.

A simple solution will be to buy a new fuse or a new head or I can just use a wire in place of the fuse. I just have to wait for my mom to get back from work and see what she has to say, she will probably be surprised (and happy) that the boiler isn't permanently damaged, it's just a blown fuse that's the problem.

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