Which is Better: Being right on time; early or too early?





Whenever we have an appointment with an individual or a group, our attitude towards keeping to time depends on how formal or informal the meeting is; how important or social it is or it can also depend on our superior or inferior relationship with the other (except those who naturally keep to time).

On many occasions, we set out earlier when we have serious appointments on the basis of job interview, exam, visa interview or flight schedule. Sometimes, we leave our homes days before the event in order to stay closer to the venue and we leave extra hours before the appointment time all because we do not want to miss such appointments.

Yea, the implication of missing such appointments isn't something we really want to experience.

On the other hand, there is a clear lackadaisical attitude with keeping to time when it comes to social events, especially in one of the busiest countries in Africa (I think its called Nigeria.. coughs). This happens for parties, hangouts, meet-up and other social events.



Have you heard of the expression "African Time"?

African Time doesn't mean you are late... not at all. It means that it is your own time. In other words, the event can be slated to begin by 12pm, but for me, it begins by 4pm (How exactly does this translate to being late?).

You know, sometimes, the event can be scheduled to begin by 12pm, but will eventually begin by 3pm. If I arrive by 2:55pm does that mean I am early or late?

Yea! African time rules!

But this only applies to social gathering; any other, then you're doing it at your own risk.



In as much as African Time is convenient (at your own time, when you are ready), it only applies to social events. Under normal circumstances, you cannot fix your own time for flight by 7pm, when you were given 12pm; you cannot fix your time for general exam to suite your laziness when there is a strict time; neither can you fix your own time for an already scheduled multi-billion dollars worth job deal.

Thus, there is a dire need to stick to time in formal cases like this. However, sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control and reasons which we also caused, we reach the venue late. In some cases, we may have the grace of rescheduling the appointment, and other times we have to forgo it. What a great loss!

You have many reasons not to consider lateness in cases like this, some of which include: losing great opportunities, goals and long term desires.

To avoid this ensure that you either go early or be on time.

But which do you consider to be the best: to be on time, early or too early?



To be on time means you are either at the exact time you are expected to show up, or you are 5 minutes before the time.

At a time like this, you do not have to spend unnecessary time waiting for everything to begin neither do you have to wait for others to come. The event or appointment begins immediately you reach the venue.

Although, in such a time you may not have time to use the rest room or to relax after the stress or to clean your sweat.



By being early, I mean arriving 30 minutes or 1 hour before the start of an event. Arriving at such a time gives you ample time to relax, stretch your body and get to understand the environment better. If it is for an exam, you can also steal extra time to prepare for your exam or interview.

At a time like this, you may spend extra time to wait for the event to begin, other participants or the organisers.



Did you forget to sleep at home? Or is anyone pursuing you from your house? (Lol)

By being too early, I mean getting to a venue 3 or 6 hours before the start of an event. Arriving at such a time gives you ample time to sleep and wake up like 5 times (lol). In some cases, the venue may not be arranged by such a time, and you may be asked or begged to assist the organisers to arrange the venue.

This gives you extra time to even hang out with your village people while waiting for the event to start. Lo betide you if you go out for a stroll or sleep and wake up after the time for the appointment.


Which of these scenarios will you prefer when it comes to meeting up with a serious appointment?

Being too early, early or being on time?

Will you consider African Time? Remember you are not late (winks)

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