Say “THANK YOU” to your Mentor(s) on Hive




Everyone’s journey on Hive is truly unique: some people had to experience the full wrath of Hive watchers and constant post muting by community moderators before they learnt how to navigate Hive better, yet for others it was a smooth ride. Few others had to lose their accounts permanently before they understood the severity of creating plagiarized contents or misplacing their keys. But, in all, we get a better knowledge of Hive when we begin to learn from those who have been in the system.

3 days ago, I made a post which I titled, "WHY I HATE HIVE."


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From the title, cover photo and introduction, one would think I wrote a controverted piece, however, if you read through, you’ll understand better.

In this piece, I created a fictional character (a newbie) who expressed his hatred for Hive in the harshest way. However, upon cross examination of his reasons, you’ll discover that these reasons could have easily been avoided if he was open to learning and if he had a mentor to guide him.


While reading through people’s comments on the piece I wrote, I noticed something very amazing.

From the testimony of my “commenters”, I read about the struggles our mentors had to undergo in order to lift us up the ladder of success on Hive. Some of them had to spend sleepless nights just to see that we do the right thing and some had to answer both relevant and irrelevant questions from us. Even when we made mistakes, they corrected us and still continued to guide us.

Thus, thinking really hard about this, I feel there is a need to always say THANK YOU to our wonderful Mentors for the sacrifice they’ve made for us on this wonderful platform. Although many of us tell them personally or privately, I don’t think it will be a bad idea if we tell them a BIG THANK YOU on this space, right?


So, let’s get to it!



Let’s try out this exercise!

In the comment section below, say THANK YOU to your mentor or mentors on Hive: It may be someone who assisted you from the beginning in this journey or someone who assisted you half way (their sacrifice is/was not in vain).

Tell them thank you in your unique way (remember to tag them so that they get to see it), and remember to invite at least one other person so that we all join in this wonderful exercise.

I look forward to a day all Hivers/Hivians will create (a day in a Month or a day in a Year) to celebrate our MENTORS ON HIVE.

  • I appreciate all who'll take out time to read other people's testimonies and reply them.
  • I also appreciate all the wonderful curators who'll help to curate wonderful testimonies in the comment section.
  • You (reading this) are also one of those amazing curators and I appreciate YOU!"
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