Are customers always right?





Certainly not!

How would you hold on to the belief that customers are always right when it is so clear that many customers are totally bias!

These customers try to downplay the struggles that sellers/marketers go through to get their businesses established, products verified, and the big risks (like loan) these individuals take to ensure that they update their stores.

They do all these things to create an enabling environment for the buyers and customers to purchase whatever they want; whenever they ask.

Yet, the customers are utterly insatiable! Wicked! Stingy! And Greedy!



The struggles I went through to source for capital to begin this little business of mine is indescribable:

I remember how I took multiple menial jobs to ensure that I raise little funds, yet the challenges of life and family responsibilities kept weighing me down.

I remember how I was walked off by those who I felt will stand by me in my time of difficulties.

I remember the struggles I encountered, jumping from one commercial bank to the other, in search of an institution with a cheaper and less stressful loan service.

I remember when I received multiple denials by those who earlier assured me that they would be my guarantor if and when I decide to take a loan to start up my business.

Renting a shop outlet and purchasing goods to begin my business was really strenuous!


I went through a lot to ensure that this business was/is up and running!

I still continue to struggle to purchase goods, render great services to my customers, take up more loans to ensure that I don’t run out of goods, continue saving and building my brand.

Yet, you want me to listen to every “dick-and-harry” who call themselves customers with absolutely no regard for the struggles I have been through?



I came out with first class honours in Bachelor of Law degree in Legal Studies, yet the terrible situation of my country has warranted that I practice my law and win clients as a marketer in a small firm, sorry business.

I prepare myself at all times to give my best shot and win clients, sorry customers over.

I tell them about the quality of the product or service I display and give them hundred and one reasons to purchase these items.

Yes, I have mastered the art of rhetoric and I can “sweet-talk” them into buying the products I am marketing.

However, I ensure that I only market reliable products which I can vouch with my life.

I stand under the sun for hours; I move around 10 locations in a day, but I end up selling few items in a day.

Yet, I endure all these because of my situation.

However, some of these customers are spiteful, vile and they wear the perfume of wickedness wherever they go; it is their trademark.

They are not worthy of any attention!


Not at all!




Honestly, I don’t need to hear all these stories.

Just give me these 5 products for $20 and not the $500 you placed it for.

I wonder why you would increase your price so high that way, when there’s no difference between what you sell and what is being sold in the next market.

Are you ready to sell your market or not?

After all, customers are always right, if you think they are not, how then will you sell your product?


I think there are four different voices in this piece. So if you read it for the very first time and understood it immediately (without going back), congratulations... you have conquered me... lol

In all, the idea of the customers are always right is only about the customer, nothing more, nothing less!

Even if it means killing yourself as a seller, it doesn't count!

This life isn't balanced at all!

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