Announcing Some Changes Regarding Weekly Featured Content's Edition || Updated Rules & Guidelines

Hi everyone, today we are going talk about some changes that have been made in regards our semi-weekly featured content program.

TPEP's Friday Feature


Our chat hangout wich is always lots of fun and engagement will now hold only on every Saturday on 3.00 UTC. There we will chat and have fun, talk about previous week's featured contents, select next week's topics by voting as usual.


This time around, we won’t just work with two topics per week but with three. According to how the voting goes, we will work with the topics with the three highest votes.

That is; The topic with the highest vote will be called Week 01:- Edition 01
The topic with the second highest vote will be called Week 01:- Edition 02
And the topic with the third highest vote will be called Week 01:- Edition 3

This way, everyone will get better chance to make a post on their favorite topics.


Seeing as we now have three topics, the posting days reserved for each topic has also been arranged in the format below:

Edition 01 (Most Voted): Sunday and Monday.
Edition 02 (Second Most Voted): Tuesday and Wednesday.
Edition 03 (Third Most Voted): Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So, posts made on their respective days will be eligible to be considered to be in our featured content.


Because of these changes, the featured contents will be published three times in a week, not just twice. And that will be on Sunday, on Tuesday, and on Thursday.
It will also list the top three posts and authors that were of good quality and were engaging.

What this basically means is that in every week, we will have about nine winners who will get extra support and receive 1 HBD each. This leaves a lot of room for opportunity for everyone to be a winner. And also, all announcements will be made in the post.


  1. Must be a verified member in our community to participate.
  2. You have to use #hl-exclusive tag in your featured edition participation post. Also, you must use another tag according to the week & edition number. If you are making content for Week 01 Edition 01, you will use #hl-w1e1. If it is Week 02 Edition 03, then you will have to use #hl-w2e3. (Abusing these tags will cause severe punishment)
  3. Must share participation post's link in # featured-post-promotion channel in our discord server.
  4. Members must interact & engage in each other's participation posts.
  5. Submission Deadline:-
    Edition 01:- Monday (03.00 PM UTC)
    Edition 02:- Wednesday (03.00 PM UTC)
    Edition 03:- Saturday (03.00 PM UTC)

These are the few changes that have been made to the program so far, and we are sure it will work out well for everyone. If there is any part that still confuses you, drop your questions in the comment section and we will be glad to answer them for you.

Thank you very much for your time, we look forward to reading your post.

If you are a new member in our community, complete Verification Process from our discord server to get support from us. To know more about our community, please go through our Rules & Guidelines


Thank You

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