Newbies Initiative Task6: Understanding Blockchain Games

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This is my entry to the task6 in the newbies initiative in Hive Learners community. It's all about understanding Blockchain games

Difference between blockchain games and ordinary games
In as much as the both games are for fun, there are differences between them;

  • Blockchain games is a PLAY to EARN games while the ordinary is basically for fun only.
  • You earn cryptocurrency and NTFs while playing blockchain games and you can sell it off to other Cryptocurrency or to fiat.

Games on Hive Ecosystem.
There are many of them but the following are some of the most popular;

  • Rising star: This game has STARBITS as its in-game currency.
  • The axie infinity gaming metavarse: It has Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as its currency
  • Splinterlands gamers: This has Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) as the in-game currency.
  • Psyberx game: This has LEVEL 1 token as its currency

What are NFTs?
To be sincere, I was among those that took NTFs as a cryptocurrency when I initially heard about it but my curiosity made me to make research on it, because it's baffling how an ordinary photo could bring billions of dollars.
NTFs are typically non fungible (irreplaceable) token. It can represent almost anything like arts, video, images music etc. You have full right of ownership once you have these assets and you can sell it off at any amount that suits you.

Usefulness of NFTs on blockchain games
Just like I said on the definition of NFTs above, it's a digital asset and it comes in different pattern. In blockchain games you can earn or win NFTs such as fighting weapons or cards and once you're in possession of these, you have the right to sell it off or rent it out to other users which in turn earns you huge money.

Playing the rising start games
At first I thought it's very difficult to play but delving into practicing it made it so loosened.
I played the Illegal Busking Mission thrice and I'll show you my earnings

*My Initial game page before playing the game

As you can see, I was having 100% energy power, 10fans(I thought this supposed to be after the game...), 1skill and level 2.

After playing the games, look at my records below;

My dairy records on my earnings

My current level and starbits earned

I moved up to level 27 and got 35STARBITS

I got 18fans, 4 luck, 1skill and my energy level reduced to 63%.

Thanks for reading this piece🙌🙌

I want to wholeheartedly appreciate every brain behind this initiative, from the initiators, the organizers, the group leaders and the various groups. But see eh! Have good group and a nice leader, e get why🥰

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